Book a Personal Styling Session

stylingphotoWhy does anyone need a personal styling session?

Do you find your wardrobe filled with clothes but still have nothing to wear? Does dressing in the morning give you more stress than joy? Do you feel that you are constantly wearing the same pieces day in and day out?

Don’t stress, I have the answer.

I know how hard it can be to build up that perfect wardrobe, and it took me many years of experience within the fashion industry to finally get there myself. Now my passion lies in to share my knowledge with my clients, fashion should be fun and unfortunately today many people see it more as a stress factor. My sessions are not just a few hours where I do the job and then leave, see my sessions as classes in to learn how to dress and shop. While I do my job I will be teaching you my tips and trick and I’m always available on email for quick styling advises after the session!

How does it work?

Once you’ve booked your session I will send you a form to fill in where you answer a few questions for me to make sure I know what your needs are and how I can help you and also for me to understand what kind of session you are after. (The before work does not count from your hours)

What kind of session do I offer?

Wardrobe Detox

I offer my clients an opportunity to start fresh, it’s important to make the most of what is your wardrobe in order to see what might be missing. I help my clients to clean the wardrobe, organize it, get rid of pieces you might not use, right a list if what’s missing. I put together looks for you and you get a few polaroids pictures to attach inside your wardrobe door to never forget those looks and a constant inspiration when you are getting dressed in the morning. ( 2-3 hours )

Personal shopping

This session helps you save money, it’s true, I help you buy the right things. How many time have you bought something that wasn’t hundred percent you or hundred percent what you needed? No more of that, with me you only leave with the perfect pieces, the pieces you are missing in your wardrobe and the pieces you can wear in many different ways and styles.  l also during the session teach you how to think when you go shopping and how to shop right. Take a shopping trip with me that really works for you, no budget is too small, shops and labels are tailored to your taste. ( 2-3 hours )

Event Styling

We all know how stressful it can be to find the right look for a wedding, red carpet or that important dinner. Don’t do the mistake you did last time to buy something the last minute that ends up not being perfect, too expensive for what it is and never worn again. I help you put together a perfect outfit for the event, we might use pieces you already got in your wardrobe or go shopping. ( 2-3 hours )

Cost and Giftcards

40 pound/hour

Give the best gift you can to your busy friend, sister or mom and get a gift card of a 3-hour session with me.

Booking and questions

Please fill in the form below if you have any questions about the sessions or if you want to make a booking, do note that by filling in the form you are not bounded to anything. This is only once we agreed on date and time and once you’ve done the payment.


” It was so wonderful to meet you, and I such an amazing experience with my styling session. I look forward to wearing the outfit at brunch, but I also feel quite excited in general to get dressed in the morning! I am wearing the shoes this morning with a pair of jeans and a sweater, and even those shoes make me feel more stylish! “

Malavika, MBA student