A good way to wear your clutch is by pairing it with a net bag. Easy to carry but you can still see the bag.

I know there has been a silence here on the blog for the last two weeks. Life has been rather hectic and very cold ( may sound like a silly excuse but if you live in London with single glazed windows you know what I'm talking about. I literally have lived in my bed with the heater on maximum for the last week. Not very inspiring at all ).

We are also on the verge of moving so my home is currently "on hold" so to say. You know that feeling when you know you are gonna leave and simply stop caring about your current home? Well, I can assure you that's me right now.

But I don't lose faith, right now I'm dreaming about wearing my straw clutch I bought in South of France last year in my net bag. A pretty clever way of caring a clutch no?