So I’m back home in London. Back at work and back in business, almost. For some reason it’s hard to immediately jump into routines when your mind seem to still be on vacation.

Now let’s talk about these little gems I found in my old girl room at my parents house. My old soccer socks! How cool are they? I realized that I lately seem to be drawn towards the sporty fashion with colors that pops, stripes and oversized fits.

But I also love what the socks representant, I grew up in a country where having girls soccer team was normal and where every second girl in school played soccer. Only when I was older I realized how Sweden is quite unique when it comes to having so many women playing soccer, a sport that many seem to think is a man sport. I played soccer for many years and had a couple of those red/white stripy socks. I have one pair left and they are a keeper, not just for the looks but also a reminder of what they stand for!



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