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So if you read my previous post I’m now determined to clean out and live with fewer clothes among other things.

I recently really started to think about who I am and really what my style is? I started to notice what items I constantly go back to and why some pieces, even though I love them, I never seem to carry.

For me a person who lives for fashion, I just love having beautiful things in my wardrobe, but I have also become a quite classic and minimal person so for some reason those colorful and maybe crazier pieces doesn’t really work with me anymore. And they now seem to be more of a burden as I feel bad getting rid of them but don’t like them so much anymore. First world problems I know.

Anyway, as I write this I realize there is only one thing to do, kill your darlings aka sell clothes you don’t wear anymore. So this is my goal for 2019, fewer clothes but only ending up with a wardrobe of good quality pieces that I truly love. To find those perfect pieces I’m gonna turn to my friend Vestiaire Collective, had a browse the other day and wow, you really can save money and get some good stuff there. If money was no issue I would click home those pieces above in a heartbeat!

Toteme T-shirt // Cartier Watch // Céline Vintage Bracelet


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