My best tip in how to shop smart during sales. Showing here adidas trainers from Asos, top from Cos and bracelet from Mango

I love sales, who doesn't? When I think about it a few of my best wardrobe staples is actually sales findings.

So here we go, three tips from me to you in how to shop smart during sales.

1. It's easy to get carried away in sales and to stop thinking what you actually buying but focusing on the price. Trust me I have been there as well, but it really doesn't matter if an item is 10 pound if you don't love it and won't wear it you might as well spend that on something else (exhibition, a book, a cake...anything!)

2. Sales is the time when I tend to focus on the basic stuff, now is the perfect timing to invest in that black cashmere sweater and those classic denim trousers that normally would cost a fortune. Yes, it might sound boring coming home with "simple" things but that's really what you need.

3. Third but most important, are you shopping in sales for the kick or to actually find something useful? If you are shopping for the kick, go home and go through your wardrobe and make a list of what you actually might need, then shop and STICK TO THE LIST!

Happy sales shopping and have a look at my favorites above!

Adidas trainers HERE

Bracelet HERE ( perfect beach accessorize this summer )