wallflowerWhen starting this blog my idea was to purely write about fashion and not get to personal about my life, but there comes a time when you can’t ¬†help yourself from expressing your inner feelings. This is not in anyway a political message or statement it’s just me sharing my thoughts.

The last couple of years has indeed been good years, but it has also left a wound in my heart. I have lived in a country, France, that have suffered so much the last few years and is now in grief again. It breaks my heart and it sure puts things in perspective. Also one of the nearest person in my life is facing the fact this his country’s future is unsure and sadly the innocent people have to pay the price. How much can the world handle?

In times like this it may sound shallow to talk about the new trendy color in this year autumn/winter collections, what to match a high wasted denim with, what the latest shoe trend are or where you can find the perfect white shirt. I get it, but remember fashion is art and for me fashion is an escape from reality where I can loose myself and it sure saves me from going insane. Now more than ever I believe that it’s so important to hold on to art and culture because if we don’t and let it get to us, we have lost. It is all about the balance to take in the real world and to stay in your own world!

I will continue delivering my thoughts on fashion.


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