notebookI have this thing for notebooks, I just love to buy a new notebook for a specific ¬†reason (new job, course, projects, ideas, dreams, to-do-list etc), I truly believe that you can never a have enough of them! Well having this said you can imagine how happy I got when myfriend ¬†Samantha (founder of decided to give this one from Shinola for my birthday, such a nice gift.¬†notebook2So lets talk about the notebook, not only does it come in a box wrapped in a dust bag (gotta love a great packageing!) but it also have my initials engraved in gold. Don’t you just love the fact when you have something engraved? You know that it is really just made just for you.

I have decided that this notebook wil contain all my ideas for upcoming blogpost, photos and everything else that involves the blog. This is gonna be my notebook of my dreams and goals, I can’t wait to fill those pages.

Thank you Sam!

Get your own HERE

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