theclassyissue2theclassyissue3I am very much a t-shirt jeans kinda girl, it may sound easier than it is because let me tell you; to find the perfect tee and denim is a mission in itself. It has to be PERFECT in order for me to buy it.

One thing that I am constantly searching for is the prefect long sleeve tee, you know those days when it's to warm for a knit and to cold for a short sleeve tee. When I say long-sleeve I really mean long. I want the sleeve to almost bee ridiculously long for me to either fold them up or creese them.

Well the search is over, they have been found. Let me introduce you the brand The Classy Issue, where my new long-sleeve tee comes from. Definitely my new favorite for a Londoner as myself where the weather is very unpredictable. It's the perfect not to warm not to cold tee, and it looks pretty good and clean as well with the simle logo on the front, just the way I like it. Thumbs up for this one!

Check out the The Classy Shop where they also stock a few other brands!

Get the tee HERE


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