tate1tate4tate3This two last days a very dear friend of mine and his fiancée was here to visit. I spend my two last days laughing, eating, singing (that happens  when you hang out with a musical artist I guess?) and simply just enjoying London. We manage to fit in the Notting Hill market, going to the musical Kinky Boots and visiting Tate Modern museum (see pics above).

It’s funny how nothing change with some friends, even if you might not talk that often and live in different city’s, when you finally meet up you feel like it was only yesterday you saw each other.

Although I must say I kind of knew we had a good friendship starting as in our first hangout we decided to just eat meat (and discussing the fact if it was possible  to eat so much that we would ended up in a meat coma), playing some kind of computer game where you had to run your own restaurant and ending the night going up on his rooftop  howling as wolf over the city. After a night like that you know you will stay friends!

Thank you for this time Jonas and Mattias, see you soon!


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