Beige mood

Funny enough even if it's autumn weather here in London all I want to do is wear white and beige. Here are two pieces I wouldn't mind. And I'm also obsessed with this flower, it will look pretty good in a vase on our dining table. And it has the beautiful name Anthurium Attraction.


Ballerina / COS (here) Denim / And Other Stories (here)


slingbacks that I never use (but don’t want to get rid of)

slingbacksI have a problem, a problem that I honestly can't  really call a problem. A very shallow problem, but never the less a problem (don't we all just need some small non-important  problems in our life, to understand the real problems?). So here it is; I have a pair of gorgeous slingbacks by Calvin Klein that I won on Ebay a while ago, but no occasion  to wear them. It needs to be for a dinner or a night out (not the local pub) because even if you wear them with jeans you are still a bit dressed up.

I got them a couple a months ago and only wore them once, what a shame. I really need to get them slingbacks back on!

Denim/ H&M, Slingbacks/ Calvin Klein