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Styling tips and trix – Put a scarf on it


In cold times like this when you seem to constantly have a sore throat and when one simple scarf isn't enough I tend to double up on the scarf business. Like this bandana that I bought back in Paris when I used to live there, I wear it inside just to keep my neck warm. And let's not lie it look pretty nice too, that little touch of color against the black. Win win!

Bandana Scarf / Vintage

Knit/ Uniqlo 

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tewnty8twelve @ rebelle


I am at the point where I am really thinking  through my purchases in order to build up the perfect wardrobe. One of the thing missing was a leather waistcoat, I have been searching for the perfect one for quite a while now. At one point I thought I would never find it so I was bothering  my designer friends trying to get them to sew one for me.

Anyway the other week I read Emilia de Porets blogg and THIS post about the company Rebelle who sells vintage designer pieces. So after going to their site and scrolling through their pieces I kind of had a hallelujah  moment when finding this leather waistcoat, I knew that it was exactly what I have been searching for. How often does that happened?

I got it the other day, and I must say I am more then happy, it is everything I wanted in a waistcoat. And the company is great, it arrived on time in this cute box, wrapped in silk paper with a handwritten note on it saying:

"Dear Gabriella, We wish you a lot of joy with your new vest by Twenty8Twelve! Warm regards".

Talk about giving the little extra, so nice! I warmly recommend this company.

Will try to post some picture with the waistcoat on soon, stay tuned.

waistcoat/Twenty8Twelve by S. Miller

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prima ballerina

ballerinaSometimes I happend to think about a piece or a model in either clothes, bags or  shoes that I would like to own, and in that same moment I also sometimes say to my self out load -But wait don't I already have that? This is exactly what happend this other day when I thought to myself that I wanted a pair of leather ballerinas.

Now you might think, that I have a really huge closet in order to not know what's in it, but this is not the case. Since moving in between apartments while living three years in Paris and finally doing a major move here to London, bringing everything by myself on eurostar (never doing that again) resulted i a few "selling of stuff at flee markets". So to make a long story short, I don't always know  if 1. I sold it 2. Threw it away or 3. Left it somewhre in an appartment in Paris. Luckily I relised after going throw all my shoes that I keept this beauties! ballerinablwh

 The best thing about them is that  they are foldable so you can easyly  bring them in your handbag and put them on when your heels start hurting too much.

ballerina/ COS, denim/ Levis 501/ vintage