Moving and new shopping rules

Wearing Vans, denim from Mango and top from And Other Stories in the middle of the moving chaos.

Moving house is both exciting and exhausting (the answer is coffee).  Even if I don't consider myself a hoarder I still need to be a person who lives with less. So my rule to myself now is before buying anything asking myself the very simple question: Will you love it in 6 months time? Now I already am a person who invests in quality and classic pieces and I really do think an extra time before purchasing. But every now and then I slip too and I end up buying a trend piece that I wear once or twice.

It really is a bit like therapy sorting out your stuff and it makes you think about consumption, so in the end, I guess its a good thing!


Denim / Mango, Top / Stories, Sneakers / Vans





Long luxury knit makes a easy casual streetstyle





I realized something whilst writing this post, winter season makes me dress in a very casual way. Just the thought of running around in heels in this cold weather makes me very unmotivated. Do not despair (for those who misses my more dressed up looks), I'm sure as soon as February is here I would get those heeled boots back on, or maybe earlier who knows?

This knitwear by the way, I never got so many complaints over the year by this simple yet so fine turtleneck knit from Hope. Sometimes (or a lot of times actually) the simple things really are the best!

Photographer: Maryam Samar

Knit/ Hope Stockholm (KLICK)

Sneakers/ Vans (KLICK)

Jeans/ H&M (similar HERE)




Vans, denim and tee – My greatest off-duty look







I am fully aware that my Vans sneakers tend to appear in every post lately, but, Hey when you like something why deny it? They are classic, very comfortable and gives you that cool-factor that we all want.

The second thing I would like to focus on in this look is my t-shirt. It from this new brand called Herculie who produce printed t-shirts in organic cotton (yay!) this one that says "Hoochie Pucci" is by far my favorite, you can get that one any many more at Liberty London.

Photographer: Maryam Samar

T-shirt/  Herculie from Liberty London

Jeans/ H&M

Sneakers/ Vans (KLICK)

Coat/ Uniqlo 


Dressing in all black doesn’t have to be boring!



black3  black4

A lot of people I meet keep telling me, Oh my style is boring I only dress in black. I refuse this, black doesn't have to be boring. I think I learned this from my previous jobs in Paris where I had to wear black every day in my job. Let me tell you the key in how to dress well in black.

1. Mix materials, for example silk with jersey. You want to make it look like you actually are dressed in two colors with just using different kinds of material. Silk tends to shine and jersey is mat so it will look differently.

2. Play around with shapes and how you style it. As you can see on the picture above I tucked in one side of the blouse and let the other one hang loose, just to make it more casual and more intresting.

3. Accessories. I love to go a bit crazy with my jewelry if I wear all black, above I went for big gold earrings but for example a red bandana tied around your neck would do the job as well! Just be creative!

Let me know your tip in how to dress in all black!

Photographer: Maryam Samar

Denim/ Acne Studios (KLICK)

Blouse/ Acne Studios (KLICK)

Earrings/ Zara

Sneakers/ Vans (KLICK)