The return of the bum bag

Are you ready to bring back the 90's?

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Why I can’t get enough of T-shirts with print


I really have a new addiction, as soon as I sport a t-shirt with an interesting print I can't let it go. I am sure I mentioned it before here on the blog before that a good t-shirt can spice up any outfit and it's just fun to wear. Remember fashion has to be fun! This particular one I spotted in H&M and the cotton is really super soft and the print is pretty cool I must say (I mean it has panther printed on it!?).

Now I will eat some pepparkakor for breakfast (Swedish ginger bread that is!).


T-shirt /H&M

Earrings/ Urban Outfitters


The art of packing light – Part one


T-shirt in different colors and shape can change any trouser into different looks


Gold earring takes no place in the luggage but makes a big difference when styling your outfit

I'm not in any way calling myself a master of packing, there is way more people who master that art better than me, but practice makes perfect. I have traveled with only hand luggage at least 4 times a year for the past 4 years, so I think I still have a few things I can add to this subject.

Right now I'm about to board the plane for a Christmas holiday in Sweden with my family, but before I thought I would share two of my tips for packing light.

1. Bring a lot of tops. A T-shirt or a top can change the look of one pair of trousers, depending on the color, the fit, the print etc. The good thing with t-shirt is that they take next to no space in the luggage, so you can do the math. Different T-shirt equals many looks.

2. Earrings. A pair of gold earrings can make the simplest outfit look expensive and chic. The same thing here, they take hardly any place in the luggage but make a big different when creating an outfit.

Now time for boarding, see you in Sweden!


T-shirt left/ H&M

T-shirt middle/ Herculie from Liberty London

T-shirt right/ Ganni

Hoop earrings/ Isabel Marant

Ball earrings/ Urban Outfitters

Book/ The book of Palms (KLICK)