July 10, 20172 Comments

Sunny beaches tee from Ganni and a lunch in the park

Casual summer outfit post shot in London soho, wearing tee from Ganni, jeans from Acne Studios and slides from H&M.

Ok, so I'm not quite there yet, at the sunny beaches that is ( 14 days but who's counting?) but there is no harm bringing the beaches to the city is there? At least on a t-shirt.

Casual summer outfit post shot in London soho, wearing tee from Ganni, jeans from Acne Studios and slides from H&M.

Danish brand Ganni always does nice, fun and affordable t-shirt with prints, it's kinda their thing. Remember this one from a few season ago?

Casual summer outfit post shot in London soho, wearing tee from Ganni, jeans from Acne Studios and slides from H&M.

Casual summer outfit post shot in London soho, wearing tee from Ganni, jeans from Acne Studios and slides from H&M.

Casual summer outfit post shot in London soho, wearing tee from Ganni, jeans from Acne Studios and slides from H&M.

I'm also back in business with my lovely photographer and friend Maryam, she has been really busy lately but the other day we managed to squeeze in a lunch in the park, with juice and wrap from our favorite place in Soho. And then we shot some outfit photos of course, as you can see on the pictures above. Thank you Maryam for always making me feel good in front of the camera!


Tshirt- Ganni HERE

Denim - Acne Studios

Sandals - H&M HERE

November 21, 20162 Comments

A smashing green coat in a rainy London






Since as long as I can remember I have had a problem finding the perfect winter coat. I don't want it to be too big, too sporty, too cold or too boring. You get it, not an easy task. What happened every December, when it was getting colder, was that I panic bought something since I really had to keep myself warm somehow, but I ended up with something I wasn't completely happy about.

Not this year, 2016 is a year that will go into history in my personal life, this year is the year when I found and invested in a coat that ticks of all the boxes of what I was asking for. I feel pretty and warm ( some days when it's not too cold I actually sweat in it?!) and this fellow is gonna be my friend for many winters ahead!

Well done Mango!

Coat / Mango (KLICK)

Boots/ And Other Stories

T-shirt/ Alexa Chung for AG 

Denim/ Acne Studios (KLICK)

Photographer: Maryam Samar

November 19, 20162 Comments

Long luxury knit makes a easy casual streetstyle





I realized something whilst writing this post, winter season makes me dress in a very casual way. Just the thought of running around in heels in this cold weather makes me very unmotivated. Do not despair (for those who misses my more dressed up looks), I'm sure as soon as February is here I would get those heeled boots back on, or maybe earlier who knows?

This knitwear by the way, I never got so many complaints over the year by this simple yet so fine turtleneck knit from Hope. Sometimes (or a lot of times actually) the simple things really are the best!

Photographer: Maryam Samar

Knit/ Hope Stockholm (KLICK)

Sneakers/ Vans (KLICK)

Jeans/ H&M (similar HERE)



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Skirts, boots and printed tees







So I have this love for printed tee's (I used to the prefer the plain ones) and I thought it was just a phase, but when the phase has been going on for a while it's not a phase anymore is it? I'm just giving in and my printed tee collection keeps growing. This one from Ganni is definitely a favorite right now.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Maryam Samar ( Check out more of her amazing work HERE )

Tee/ Ganni  HERE

Skirt/ Acne Studios

Boots/ Acne Studios

Denim jacket/ Topshop 


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Graffiti walls, levis 501 and bell sleeves






bricklane5A couple of days ago me and my friend Sam who runs the blog ilovejeans.com (Do check out her blog to find out EVERYTHING you want to know about denim such as new denim designers, the best brands, what style suits wich body shape and many other denim-related things.) had some errands to run in Bricklane here in London. One of the amazing thing with this area is all the street art and graffiti walls, perfect for bloggers as us who always try to find new backgrounds for an outfit post. I really love how the colors of the walls blend in perfectly with my outfit for the day.

Thank you Sam for snapping those photos of me!


Bell sleeve knit/ H&M

Denim/ Vintage Levi's 501

Boots /Ash 

October 14, 2016No Comments

Today’s streetstyle – Laura in Dries Van Noten



lauradriesshoesfrontI'm gonna be quite honest, I'm not your Dries van Noten kind of girl. Don't get me wrong I think it's a fabulous and very creative brand and when I  look through the collections I really see art, but it just doesn't  happened very often that I think "I want to wear this".

Meet Laura, she is one of those who can really pull of the brand. She has the sense of style to mix his pieces up without it looking to much despite all the patterns and details each piece carry. She really inspires me, and I love people who has their style and stick to it. In some things we agree in some things don't when it comes to fashion. I would for example never have the idea of styling what she is wearing on the picturs above. When I saw her wearing it I thought to myself, WOW, she really has style, so I forced her out in the rain and snapped some photos! I thought it could be nice for a change to show someone else then me on the blog.


Todays tip, if you dont have a belt put a tie on it!

Belt/ Dries Van Noten

Trousers/ Dries Van Noten

Brogues/ Dries Van Noten ( I have to admit, the snake-skin makes them fabulous)

Coat/ Isabel Marant Etoile

October 10, 20162 Comments

Denim and boots – Outfit



storiesbootsdenimLet's talk boots and jeans, together, and how when having the perfect ones they seem to make magic together. Boots and jeans is probably one of the most worn outfit combination ever, and I really get it because you never get bored of it and you can wear it to almost any occasion.

I have found my perfect match as you can see on the pictures above, my Patti jeans from Acne Studios (high wasted, cropped and not to skinny) and my boots from And Other Stories (comfy as they only have a kitten heel and with a pointy shape). I'm wearing it with a cardigan and tee above, but you can really pull off any sort of top with it, shirt, blouse, blazer, you get it, ANYTHING! I promise.



 Jeans/ Acne Studios style Patti

Boots/ And Other Stories

T-shirt/ Acne Studios

Cardigan /Acne Studios

October 8, 20162 Comments

Get the look – Giorgia Tordini

getthelookHeel HERE Blouse HERE Jeans HERE

Giorgia Tordini is not only a creative director and co-founder of the brand The Attico but she also have an amazing style (check out her Instagram). I really like how she styles the look above, the color combo with the washed out denim and the rusty colored blouse combined with a pair of snake print heels, wow! If only I looked like that today.

Wishing you all a great Saturday!


October 3, 2016No Comments

“Game over, you lose” Ganni t-shirt and shoes from Next

gameoverGame over, you lose. Yep that is exactly what my tee is saying, and I am loving it. And what about my shoes from Next? (Thank you again Next!) They really are the perfect everyday shoe and can spice up any outfit, and on top of that they are very comfortable as well. That's all for this Monday, later skaters!

Shoes/ Next (HERE)

Top/ Ganni (HERE)

Denim/ vintage Levis 501

Bag/ A.P.C

September 26, 20162 Comments

Pink trousers and a new camera

pinktrouserspinktrousers2pinktrousers_pinktrousers4pinktrousers5I'm so exited for new times on the blog all due to my new friend Olympus Pen, Yes I am with new camera. But wait it doesn't finish here, I also have a photographer who will help me with my outfit post every now and then who also took the photos above (She is a true artist!).

So lets talk about the outfit above, what can I say? I just love mixing casual and smart. The trousers goes very well with heels, but lets face it the look absolutely awesome with sneakers!

Photographer: Maryam Samar <3

Rollneck and trousers/Acne Studios, Sneakers/ Adidas Stan Smith