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Next best pieces online right now for a sporty-chic look







I have said it before but I will mention it again, Next has become one of my favorite high street brands lately. Not only is the price point super good but they have some really cool stuff there that keep good quality. When I got asked to put together a complete look from Next, the choice wasn't hard.

I have this thing for tracker pants lately, or for sportswear in general, I should say. So as you can see I ended up with navy track pants and a cricket knit, styled with kitten heels for a dressed up look. And yes I obsessed with leopard print as well. I love the fact that it all goes together with the colors in this look, the white colors from the both bottom and top and the brown stripe from the knit to the brown in the shoes. I am in love with this look!

Photographer: Maryam Samar


Trousers/ Next (KLICK)

Knit/ Next (KLICK)

Kitten heels/ Next (KLICK)