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about coming home and the changes ahead

I guess I'm not alone in my coming home from holiday feeling weird, slightly disorientated and lost. I'm so eager to back into routines ( I love routines) but end up mostly just staring at the wall not knowing where to start (hence the absent here on the blog ). This summer has been great in so many ways, I traveled a lot (Turkey, Sweden, Paris, Wales, and South of France ) which also led to a lot of thinking. Mostly about me as a person, my goals and my soul search in a way. It opened my eyes and creativity ( I guess that's was travel do!?) and my mind feels a bit clearer.

For me my new years start now, I have so many plans ahead. First I'm planning a new shoot with Noordinarysuit (and more plans with the company in general), I'm taking silversmithing jewelry classes ( a dream I had forever), expect some fun collaborations on the blog and many more blog plans ahead (Please let me know if you wish for anything specific !), I'm expanding my personal styling business (book me HERE), and last but not least I'm still working for my beloved Acne Studios. Autumn 2017 let's do this!!

Enough talking and let me share some snaps from South of France.

Straw clutch bought in a local market in South of France.

Coffee and straw bags. Life.

Wild cactus in South of France

Cactus! (or Aloe Vera as my mum claims it is...not sure)

Beach in south of France, wearing my sunglasses from And Other Stories

Classic beach selfie. Had to be done.

Beautiful cliffs by the sea in South of France

Sea sea sea.

Beach in south of France, wearing my sunglasses from And Other Stories

I think I wore those sunglasses 90 % of my time in France, love the shape and the color. Get them HERE

Fruits getting ripped in the sun on the terrace in South of France

Fruits getting ripped in the sun.

This is it, for now, stay tuned I still have a few more photos to share from France!


November 30, 20162 Comments

A low bun and ball earring




One of my best tips when you either just have a bad hair day or don't have time to wash it is to simply put it in a bun, and to add some smashing earrings. I promise you that first of all no one can tell that your hair isn't in its best condition and second, everyone will focus on the earrings. Easy peasy lemon squeeze.

I have gone from loving a high bun into a low bun in the neck kind-of-girl. It feels more slick and chic and less boho (I'm always more boho in summer time). Have a lovely Wednesday!

Photographer: Maryam Samar

Earrings/ H&M ( similar here)

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Vlog: South of France

Sometimes I press play rather then just snapping a photo and I end up having a lot of videos that simply stay on my phone. But not this time as I'm sharing them here! I made this video from when I was in South of France last week (I know I will have to stop teasing you with holiday pictures for a while) It basically sums up my week there quite good: sea, sun and sandals. So here you go my first Vlog, hope you like it!


Music: Bloke and Bird/ Bon Voyage

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don’t forget to look up


Ever since I arrived here in South of France (yes I am on long-weekend here!) I find myself taking loads of photos of the top of the buildings. One of the beautiful things with the architecture here is that every building seems to be unique in itself but since the still share the same color palette they all make sense together. I love the pale pink color you find on most houses here, always teamed up with a pastel blue or pastel green color on the window-frame. And let's not forget the cherry on top of the icing, the green palms or trees in front of the walls that add an extra flavor to the palette! Beautiful.

If there is any advice I can give when visiting a new city, it would be; "Don't forget to look up!".


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by the sea

bythesea2bytheseabythesea3bythesea5After reading this post from Violas blog I had the urge to watch the movie called "By the Sea", it is played by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (who interesting enough also directed the movie). Normally I check the notes at IMDB fist to see if its worth watching, but you now what? I might just stop doing that cause this one had quite bad notes, but I really liked it. The colors, the setting and the clothes makes a lot of difference of course, but I still think it had an interesting story as well. Watch it!