New Hair and about making that extra effort

Meet my new wavy hair and sunglasses from Karen Walker.

Meet my new wavy hair and sunglasses from Karen Walker.

Lately, I have been kinda lazy when it comes to myself, sure I still put on makeup and brush my hair, but I didn't do that extra push I normally do. That extra push that makes all the difference.

The reason has been many and it's been quite a stressful last six months, and now I've decided to change that. I invested in new makeup, started wearing both mascara and eyeshadow ( !!! ) and my plan is to start to properly style my hair. I want wawes just like Anine Bing (the dream) so my hairdresser told me that to get that I have to cut layers, said and done, this is the result. I freakin' love it. Now my only concern is; will I be able to achieve this look by myself? To be continued...




Glasses / Karen Walker and T-shirt / COS


Lavender and chopped hair

My new short hair and my new lilac and lavender top from Acne Studios.

Every now and then I drastically decide to chop my hair off. It feels great, well at least until the moment I decide that I will grow it long again. Trust me I will happen. But for now, I'm more than happy with my new hair!

So lavender/ lilac are supposed to be really in this season, I like it but in an OK dose, I'm not planning to overdo lilac. In fact, this top might be the only piece of that color I will purchase. I think. Let's see.

That's all from me for now.

Top from Acne Studios HERE