April 30, 2018No Comments

New Hair and about making that extra effort

Meet my new wavy hair and sunglasses from Karen Walker.

Meet my new wavy hair and sunglasses from Karen Walker.

Lately, I have been kinda lazy when it comes to myself, sure I still put on makeup and brush my hair, but I didn't do that extra push I normally do. That extra push that makes all the difference.

The reason has been many and it's been quite a stressful last six months, and now I've decided to change that. I invested in new makeup, started wearing both mascara and eyeshadow ( !!! ) and my plan is to start to properly style my hair. I want wawes just like Anine Bing (the dream) so my hairdresser told me that to get that I have to cut layers, said and done, this is the result. I freakin' love it. Now my only concern is; will I be able to achieve this look by myself? To be continued...




Glasses / Karen Walker and T-shirt / COS

March 29, 2018No Comments

Lavender and chopped hair

My new short hair and my new lilac and lavender top from Acne Studios.

Every now and then I drastically decide to chop my hair off. It feels great, well at least until the moment I decide that I will grow it long again. Trust me I will happen. But for now, I'm more than happy with my new hair!

So lavender/ lilac are supposed to be really in this season, I like it but in an OK dose, I'm not planning to overdo lilac. In fact, this top might be the only piece of that color I will purchase. I think. Let's see.

That's all from me for now.

Top from Acne Studios HERE