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Corals and jewellery

The importance of surrounding yourself with pieces from nature...

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new jewelry and christmas stress

Jewellery from the Scandinavian brand House of Hennie. All the pieces are handmade and made and goldplated with 9k gold.

I'm still here, even if my absence on this medium has been really poorly lately. Every year is the same, too much to do and too little time. Why? I am so ready to check out for Christmas holiday. On Friday I'm flying to Sweden for a week of total relaxation with my beloved family. Coming back to London ready for a new year with new projects and ideas, well that's my plan.

Anyhow, I'm so excited about my new pieces from House of Hennie, coming up on the shop soon. In the meantime, check out all the other goodies already online HERE and treat yourself!


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My own jewelry brand – House of Hennie

Finally, after a few months of hard work, I can now show you the beginning of something that with time I hope will become even bigger! My own brand House of Hennie, pieces all designed and handmade by me here in London. I am of course beyond excited to start this journey! See all the products on my webshop ( more coming up soon), read my story of why I started the brand and why I named it House of Hennie. You will find everything at

Let me know your thought and leave a comment below!

Lots of love!

G x


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J.wlry Sthlm and my new “Lights Off” ring

My new sterling silver ring called Lights Off from the Swedish brand J.wlry Sthlm.

Me and Joanna (founder of J.WLRY Sthlm) meet a couple of years ago in Paris, both Swedes in a big city where anything was possible but also where there were many bumps on the road. One thing we always shared even in hard times was our love for fashion and design, so it makes me proud as a friend to see her creating something really beautiful that I constantly carry around my finger. Instead of me writing things about the ring I thought I would share a few words from the designer herself below.


ME: Hi Joanna, Are you ready for three quick questions? What are you wearing right now?

JOANNA: Hi, sure go ahead! I am wearing my lovely knitted crop trousers from COS. Together with a top from Malene Birger and a sweater from Wood Wood. My high heels from Rodebjer I am just dreaming of wearing, the pregnancy only lets me have my New Balance sneakers.

My new sterling silver ring called Lights Off from the Swedish brand J.wlry Sthlm.

ME: What are you doing today?

JOANNA: I am organizing the rest of the week's jewelry making and planning a client meeting, and kind of always sketching on some new exciting ideas while listening to music...

My new sterling silver ring called Lights Off from the Swedish brand J.wlry Sthlm.

ME: I absolutely love the ring Lights Off from your collection, can you tell me more about where you get the inspiration from when creating your jewelry?

JOANNA: I'm so happy to hear that! My inspiration source comes mostly from minimalism and Art Deco objects and the artist Hervé Van Der Straeten that I got familiar with when I studied fashion in Paris. I can't get enough of his work.

Thank you Joanna and good luck with J.WLRY Sthlm and the soon to be here baby!

If you want to buy your own piece head over to J.wlry STHLM online shop HERE and make sure to follow them on Instagram HERE