When your phone also becomes your accessories

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Let's face it, we don't leave our phone out of sight, ever, and we do carry it around all the time. I always felt that phones didn't really reflect my personality and were quite ugly, to be honest. But not anymore, my phone has now a beautiful case in a tanned leather and melts in my surroundings as you can see in the picture above. Grab your own one from the Swedish company Holdit HERE, and if this is not right for you to scroll down and check out all their other amazing designs at Holdit.com





Something from my mama

In this day and age where we constantly are caught up in consumerism, it's nice to fill your home with objects that have a deeper meaning than just being pretty.

Ever since I remember my mum had the bowl with the two stone eggs in her living room that I wasn't allowed to play with as a kid but was always very fascinated by the look of them. I still think they are so beautiful and was very happy when my mum decided to gift them to me. Now they are sitting on my coffee table reminding me of my mum and how something so simple as an egg shape can be so beautiful.

Thank you Mum!



Old stuff that last and sparks joy!


I'm not gonna lie, it feels very bittersweet to be back home in London. Bitter because I already miss my family in Sweden and loved just hanging out with my mum, dad, my sister, brother in law and my two nieces. Home feels really empty especially when the boyfriend is away too. Sweet because it's soon new year and I have a feeling that 2018 is gonna be a very exciting year.

From one thing to another. I have thought a lot about consumerism lately and how we overconsume (yes me too, I'm guilty, but I'm trying to get better). I realized that the pieces I love the most in my home are actually the pieces that give me a certain feeling, say for example this leather pouf. I bought second hand for 20 pounds when I was a poor student and lived in my apartment in Gothenburg, I wanted one for years and was so happy when I found this in such good condition and for a pretty good price. I sometimes wonder who has owned it before and where he or she got it, and I love that this pouf has traveled and have had many homes. It has a history so to say, like in the old days when things were rarely bought new and instead inherited until it broke.

What I want to say with this is that my leather pouf really sparks joy as organizing guru Marie Condo would say! My aim is definitely to have fewer things and only keep the pieces I truly love. Quality not quantity. Goals for 2018.

Now last day of work for 2017! Until then Happy New Years!





My relaxing space and my Maison Popineau pillow


Welcome to my space, yes I have created a little space at home where I hang out. This is where I read my book and just relax. I think if you are busy and working a lot, it's important to slow down every now and then, for me it works to have a specific place in the house for that actual slowing down process.

I got THIS PILLOW  that I absolutely love from Maison Popineau It just brings some extra coziness to the space and also some color and character. One other extra plus is the fact that the pillow is made from feather filling, so not one of that synthetic pillow that will lose their shape within a week, and the pillowcase itself is made from cotton and silk patches all sewn together. A real quality pillow that is! Oh, and let's not forget the fact that is made in France and is eco-friendly, Win win win!


The colors are from the french flag, and since I used to be Parisian I thought I would bring some french character into my London home.

Check out some more of my favorite pillows from the brand below. Should a get a pink one next time or the one with a lightning?? Decisions decisions...


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I have this thing for wooden floors


I have this thing for wooden floors or white wooden floor to be precise. I have been dreaming about it for the last couple of years now, there is something so clean and fresh that comes with it. It's like a white canvas where if you add a colorful carpet the colors just pop in a way they wouldn't have if it was a darker floor. Sometimes it makes me laugh how I'm so Scandinavian I actually am. You can take the Scandi-girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the Scandi-girl, or something like that...

Also can we talk about how addictive Pinterest actually is? Follow me and my boards on Pinterest HERE

Photos: Pinterest


Interior deco on my mind for the livingroom

I always had a thing for interior deco, it's definitely my second love after fashion. Recently deco has been taking over my mind, has it to do with the fact that it's winter time maybe and all you want to do is to stay home? I don't know the reason but this is what I dreaming  of right now. I thought I give you my three tips for a nicely decorated living room. Here we go!

Brass palm lamp


First of all brass in one of my favorite metals today when it comes to deco, and palm trees are, well simply just amazing. So the combination of a brass and palm tree that is turned into to a lamp can't really go wrong. It's useful (There can never be enough lights) and so beautiful at the same time. Better than a piece of art I would say.

Colorful sofas


Sure a classic gray, navy or white colored sofa is nice indeed, but lately, I explored the beauty of having colorful sofa in the house. Suddenly the sofa isn't just a part of your decoration but instead the center of attention. Considering how big place they normally take it's only natural that they shine no? Go colorful in your sofa I would say.

Bookshelf wall


I love books and naturally, I love bookshelves. To have a bookshelf big enough to cover an entire wall with room enough to not just put books there but art, plants, ornaments and photos is just one of my life goals really. So inspirational to look at that every day.

All pictures are taken from Pinterest, please follow me there for more inspiration HERE





I have completely forgotten to show you my new brass lampe I got in Sweden on sale when I was there for christmas. Someone (not to mention any names but we do live together)  doesn't like it at all, apparently  the light is to bright? Well I don't think so I belive that it is the perfect reading lamp. I absolutely love the design, It has this kind of industrial, unfinished look which I like when it comes to design. Not everything  has to be that complicated.

Lamp- Hemtex


hay @ cos


The other week when I was strolling on Kensington high street here in London I passed COS and saw from outside that they were selling some deco pieces from Hay. I entered to check it out, and realized that the entire lower ground floor was no longer filled with clothes but with funiture and decoration from Hay. They decorated it really nice so you had a feeling you were passing different rooms, instead  of a shop. Hay is truly a nice brand, I mean just take a look at the pictures  above, don't you just want to move in?

I love the light colors in grey and pink with the green plant in the background in the first picture and the three coffee tables in a row in the second one.

I say yes please!