Some kind of New Years resolution

I love writing and always loved to express my self in words, but somehow I lost it and overthought about everything I was writing here and in the end, it just wasn’t my voice anymore. I think it’s easy to try to make things so perfect that instead, they lose all their sense or realness in a way.

Well, this is me taking back my voice, sharing from now on maybe less perfect pictures, text with grammar faults and spelling mistake but 100% me.

This is me in an outfit on New Year’s Eve, my ultimate uniform, a look that I feel so comfortable and so “Me” in, oversized blazer, denim and a tee.

Happy new year!


Blazer Ganni // Tee COS // Denim Levis ReDone



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Levi’s Redone – My new old favorite jeans

Buying a pair of jeans that has holes in but still cost as much (if not more) as a pair of high-end brand jeans, well that is something my dad would never understand. I admit, it is a bit crazy when you think about it, but you are also buying a piece that is truly unique and carries history in a way. And the best thing is that once you find a pair that truly sits well, you kind of can't settle for less when it comes to jeans.

My levis Redone has the perfect light wash, the perfect high waist and just enough amount of holes!

Denim/ Levi's Re/done

Slingbacks/ AndOtherStories

Knit/ COS