cecilie copenhagen and leather


First of all lets talk about my new top from the danish brand Cecilie copenhagen, We recently got in this brand at work and I grabbed one for my self directly. I have known about this brand for a while and I love the way the play with an old pattern and create modern pieces. Very creative! I choosed the classic black and white, but they have styles with other colors. Check out their collection HERE. This look also happens to carry three of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, my canada scarf, my pistol boots and my beloved handbag I got on my 30:th birthday.

Other than that London is really cold so I kind of took a risk wearing the leatherjacket, cant wait for the coat season to be over for real. Come on London bring us some spring!

scarf /acne studios, jeans/ top shop, bag/ michael kors, boots/acne studios, leather jacket/ zara, top/ cecilie copenhagen

photographer: Banfa Jawla


insta lately

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pink velvet cushion


A nice cushion can make such a difference, this one is a home-made one since I found it hard to find the perfect pink velvet cushion that I was aiming for. Now all I have to do is to find the perfect "leaf" print to make an other one. Luckily I live just close by a road full of shops that sells fabrics, its like a treasure hunt to go there.  I love contrast and thats why I want the second one to be totally  different, I will snap a photo as soon as I have found the perfect second cushion. To be continued...


prima ballerina

ballerinaSometimes I happend to think about a piece or a model in either clothes, bags or  shoes that I would like to own, and in that same moment I also sometimes say to my self out load -But wait don't I already have that? This is exactly what happend this other day when I thought to myself that I wanted a pair of leather ballerinas.

Now you might think, that I have a really huge closet in order to not know what's in it, but this is not the case. Since moving in between apartments while living three years in Paris and finally doing a major move here to London, bringing everything by myself on eurostar (never doing that again) resulted i a few "selling of stuff at flee markets". So to make a long story short, I don't always know  if 1. I sold it 2. Threw it away or 3. Left it somewhre in an appartment in Paris. Luckily I relised after going throw all my shoes that I keept this beauties! ballerinablwh

 The best thing about them is that  they are foldable so you can easyly  bring them in your handbag and put them on when your heels start hurting too much.

ballerina/ COS, denim/ Levis 501/ vintage


see by chloé

seebychloechloeWhen I visited Sweden for christmas I managed to do find this beauty on sale at a local shop called TARA. I use it everyday as an extra bag in my big daily bag, I stuff it with everything from hair pins, my hairbrush, handcream, chewing gum to lipbalm and many more essential daily stuff. I Love it and need it.

Bag/ See By Chloé


sickness and a chunky ring


crabclaw1It has happened, I tried to resist but it has now hit me aswell. The cold. I hate so much being sick, cause unless I can't move I still go to work, but obviously you are not well enough to work either.

Anyway despite this sickness I thought I would at least share my little light in this moment: a ring I bought from ebay that arrived yesterday. I love that it is chunky, gold color and have "crab claws", so original. And it fits perfect on my index finger! The ring is from the british designer Giles Deacon and his jewelry collection Libertine. Now tea.

Ring/Giles Deacon Libertine


sleep tight


I am very sensitive to sleep, I am a person who need a proper sleep in order to work and survive the next day. To not take any risk I have my tricks and helps. The first one is good night tea that just make you get in to the relaxing mood and the second one is deep sleep pillow spray. Its a spray that contains mostly lavender that makes you stress down and relax. You simply spray it on your pillow and voila, the aromas helps you fall a sleep and it's suppost to make you sleep deep aswell. I think it works!

deep sleep pillow spray/ this works


lip scrub



I started wearing lipstick more often at work lately, but with this cold weather combined with my dry lips it didn't always look great. But I have found the answer spelled lip scrub, why didn't I use this before? Let me tell you that they are silky smooth now.

Lip scrub/ Kiko Milano