velvet trousers

velvet1Pink and velvet, a wining match.velvet2So after a couple of rather stressful weeks  I yesterday finally had a day with no must (almost), I decided to take a walk to Westfield a big shopping mall five minutes walk from my house. I normally don't go there unless I special things to buy, but yesterday I just felt like strolling  around there to check out the stores.

And it turned out to be a good a idea after all, found this pink velvet trousers at Pull & Bear, perfect for my plane ride next Monday to South of Fance. Love a good airplane outfit, comfy and pretty!

Get them HERE.

Trousers/ Pull & Bear, Slides/H&M


pink style


Im slightly obsessed with dusty pink for the moment especially when it comes to fashion, wouldn't mind any of the pieces above. If I do dress in pink I make sure to pair the rest of the outfit with pieces less "cute" such as sneakers, black colors or leather.


Photos from Pinterest


meet my pink high wasted trousers

pinktrousersNever mind my sleepy look in these pictures (what is it with me and the constant tierdness I'm feeling right now? Lack of vitamin D?) and please focus on my new trousers!pinktrousers2They are perfect, I might have used the word perfect before when it comes to clothes, but this time I really mean it. They are high-wasted, have the perfect (Yes, I'm using that word again) dusty pink color and they are cropped which for a short person like me makes a big difference. The fit is really something I have been searching for in a pair of trousers for a while, and now they have been found.

Get them HERE

Trousers and tee/Acne Studios, Sneakers/ Adidas Stan Smith

Photo credit: My dear Ilaria



the power of pink

pinkflatlayI always tend to think a lot around colors, I wrote before about it in THIS post. Right now I am automatically drawn to anything in dusty pink. I talk about everything from choosing the color of fresh flowers, to sheets, to makeup. Yes everything. Well I think its just a phase. I sure hope so because to much of something is never good when it comes to style, it's all about balance isn't it?

 Now let's start this Monday!

 Book- Alexa Chung- IT, Hand cream- Aesop, Box- Acne Studios


pink velvet cushion


A nice cushion can make such a difference, this one is a home-made one since I found it hard to find the perfect pink velvet cushion that I was aiming for. Now all I have to do is to find the perfect "leaf" print to make an other one. Luckily I live just close by a road full of shops that sells fabrics, its like a treasure hunt to go there.  I love contrast and thats why I want the second one to be totally  different, I will snap a photo as soon as I have found the perfect second cushion. To be continued...


mint green

mintgreen1mintgreen2mintgreen3My best buy this year (last year now to be precise) is this knit from Acne Studios, the color says it all. Even if it's just a simple knit it spice up every single outfit, again because of the mint green color. Now back to lazy Sunday!

Knit/Acne Studios 


lip scrub



I started wearing lipstick more often at work lately, but with this cold weather combined with my dry lips it didn't always look great. But I have found the answer spelled lip scrub, why didn't I use this before? Let me tell you that they are silky smooth now.

Lip scrub/ Kiko Milano