Just wanted to let you all know, that I'm still very much here. Just a bit busy right now working on my new collection for my jewelry brand and I can't wait to show it all, here is a sneak peek. It's really time-consuming creating something, you go through mistakes, ideas that don't work at as well in reality and pieces that seem easy to make just takes hours more than expected, but that is also the beauty of it all I suppose? Well, I'm almost there so stay tuned!

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Sometimes we just need some shells

My pearl addiction for my jewellery brand House of Hennie has now turn into a shell addiction too. Can't get enough of those Cowrie Shells.

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Lots of love G



A well needed pause and a new earring design

Baroque pearl earrings from House of Hennie and Porter magazine.


Yesterday I spent almost my entire day off in bed. For me it's a very unusual thing to do, but for various reason, I really needed a break. I listened to podcasts and read Porter magazine. I still felt that my to-do list was staring at me, but I kept telling myself that it was nothing that couldn't wait until the next day. I really need to practice on how to relax and let go. How do you do to unwind? Give me some tips.

I still managed to combine a new earring design ( Couldn't help myself ). Thoughts about the new earrings, are they gonna make it all the way to houseofhennie.com?