We will always have Paris – About my new found love for my old city

Parisian buildings and architecture shot in Marais this summer

Last week I was back in what most people refer to the City of Love, Paris. I lived there two years ago and even though I have been back a few times since moving, it has always been for the work and only for the day. This meant seeing Paris through the taxi in between the station and the showroom. This time was different as I stayed for two days and spent the night in Paris, still for work but more time for pleasure this time.

Parisian buildings and architecture shot in Marais this summer

When walking from Garde de Nord ( Yes luckily Londoners can take the train to Paris) to Marais it stroke me how beautiful the city is, I had forgotten about the Parisians buildings and how charming the city is. Funny how sometimes you need a bit of distance in able to see things clearly again.

Picture of the interior decoration department in the french store Merci in Paris. Love the minimalistic and nature colored deco combined with the green plant wall outside.

My visit didn't get any worse when I meet up with friends for dinner and breakfast and that I managed to squeeze in a visit to one of my favorite shop Merci, see picture above. I would really recommend this store if you are into design, my favorite department is the interior design floor. Oh, la la as you would say in France. If you interested in visiting the store but can't go to Paris check out their online store HERE

Parisian buildings and architecture shot in Marais this summer

I must also fill in that it was nice by Thursday night to come home to London and my life here, home is where your heart is. But I will always have Paris...



london to paris, and then back again

garedenordOn of the perks of living in London is that you can easily go to Paris with the Eurostar over the day (I say that, but mind you that I did live 3 years in Paris without visiting London one single time). This is exactly what I did this Sunday I went early in the morning and returned in the evening. It was for work duties so I didn't  have time to go around the city, but just passing through my old city in the cab gave me a good feeling. Altought I must say that I was happy to return to London, it is truly my home now. Funny how the human so easily adapt isn't it?

Since I was so busy working, I didn't have time to take photos, expect for this one from Gare de Nord, just before taking the train home. Not to shabby photo after all, it is a beautiful station when you look at the architecture.