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Sneakers and Silk

My favorite combo is to mix something casual like a sneaker with something luxury like in this case silk, there is something magical happening when those to worlds meet, don't you agree?

I'm feeling quite inspired lately, maybe it's the sun here in London, the fact that I had a new start here on the blog or I am simply just having a good flow? Who knows, I'm just gonna enjoy this ride!


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cecilie copenhagen and leather


First of all lets talk about my new top from the danish brand Cecilie copenhagen, We recently got in this brand at work and I grabbed one for my self directly. I have known about this brand for a while and I love the way the play with an old pattern and create modern pieces. Very creative! I choosed the classic black and white, but they have styles with other colors. Check out their collection HERE. This look also happens to carry three of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, my canada scarf, my pistol boots and my beloved handbag I got on my 30:th birthday.

Other than that London is really cold so I kind of took a risk wearing the leatherjacket, cant wait for the coat season to be over for real. Come on London bring us some spring!

scarf /acne studios, jeans/ top shop, bag/ michael kors, boots/acne studios, leather jacket/ zara, top/ cecilie copenhagen

photographer: Banfa Jawla

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prima ballerina

ballerinaSometimes I happend to think about a piece or a model in either clothes, bags or  shoes that I would like to own, and in that same moment I also sometimes say to my self out load -But wait don't I already have that? This is exactly what happend this other day when I thought to myself that I wanted a pair of leather ballerinas.

Now you might think, that I have a really huge closet in order to not know what's in it, but this is not the case. Since moving in between apartments while living three years in Paris and finally doing a major move here to London, bringing everything by myself on eurostar (never doing that again) resulted i a few "selling of stuff at flee markets". So to make a long story short, I don't always know  if 1. I sold it 2. Threw it away or 3. Left it somewhre in an appartment in Paris. Luckily I relised after going throw all my shoes that I keept this beauties! ballerinablwh

 The best thing about them is that  they are foldable so you can easyly  bring them in your handbag and put them on when your heels start hurting too much.

ballerina/ COS, denim/ Levis 501/ vintage

January 14, 20161 Comment



This is how I looked last sunday, I dont know how I managed to get volume in my hair but I can tell you that it looks way volumless today (unfortnetly).

coat/ Uniqlo, knit/COS, sneakers/adidas, trousers/bikbok (very old)

January 10, 20161 Comment

two shades of beige

alma222Somethings things just seem to belong together, it can be an object with a specific color or an outfit with a background, well you get it. Yesterday I wore my beige alma boots and they just seem to belong with the marble printed carpet at work. A perfect match!

Now Sunday duties.


boots and denim/Acne Studios

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mint green

mintgreen1mintgreen2mintgreen3My best buy this year (last year now to be precise) is this knit from Acne Studios, the color says it all. Even if it's just a simple knit it spice up every single outfit, again because of the mint green color. Now back to lazy Sunday!

Knit/Acne Studios 

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alma and nature


Our visit in Sweden has come to a end, but I am bringing some goodies back home. Good memories of course but also a new v-neck knit ( I have been searching for a classic white one for a while now) and one of my favorite model in boots Alma (yes I have them in black aswell, but hey if you like something you should get it in multiple colors, no?). I love how the colors of the boots blends together with the nature in the picture, and the really really long sleeves of the knit.

knit and boots/acne studios, jeans/zara

December 22, 2015No Comments

going home for christmas



Tomorrow I will jump on the plane and head home to Sweden for christmas, and I cant wait.

To get in to the right christmas spirit I decided it was time to add some glitter and sparks to my outfits (Inspired by my friend Kyle, whom I never seen without a pair of sparking socks). So I got these ones today from Topshop  and I feel that I am more then ready for christmas. It's all in the detail!

Merry Christmas!



Socks/Topshop Brogues/New look Boots/Acne Studios

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Chunky knit and a plant





Sundays are truly my favorite day of the week, the preasure is off and thats probably why they end up beeing just prefect. A few Sundays ago I went to Columbia street flower market here in London on a mission to find a plant called Monstera Deliciosa. I have been wanting this plant for so long, so you can imagne the joy when you find it for only 8 pound!

My absolute favorite piece in the wardrobe right now is this chunky knit from Acne Studios, it is perfect. I love that the sleevs are really really long and that it has this kind of round shape in the back, perfection!

And yeah can we talk about the pink doors? How cute?

Knit/ Acne Studios , Denim/ Zara, Shoes/Office