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Glittery socks please – it’s all in the detail


I can't help it I want glittery socks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I wouldn't take it as far to say that whole new world has opened up to me, but almost. When it comes to

When it comes to purchase THE ultimate socks there are two places I would go to find my luck, AndOtherStories and Topshop. They have understood the importance of what a good sock can do to an outfit and how we all need a little sparkle in our life!


Denim/ Vintage Levis 501

Socks/ Topshop (HERE)

Shoes/ Office

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How to style 1 denim into 4 looks


Here you go my third v-log is up! This time slightly different than the previous ones since it's more focused on styling. As much as I love to do new purchases I still think that a basic wardrobe can get you very far in terms of style. A pair of shoes, for example, can totally change a look from casual to chic, from low-key to statement and so on. This is kind of what I wanted to show in this video, I used one pair of levis 501 to get four different looks;  Night-out-look, Casual-look, Office-look and last but not least A-day-in-the-city-look.

Let me know what you think about videos like this!


Slingbacks/ Calvin Klein

Slip in loafers/ Office

Heel loafers/ Next

Kitten heel boots/ And Other Stories


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Get the look- Kate Bosworth


I always had this thing for Kate Bosworth, her natural look and effortless style and the way she mixes high-street with luxury. A true fashion inspiration!

I love this look above, it's clean and casual and you can easily combine it with pieces from your wardrobe by just maybe adding one or two things. This look is a proof of the importance to have those basic pieces hanging around in your wardrobe.


Coat/ COS, Knit/ And Other Stories, Jeans/ Topshop, Shoes/ Office

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slippers from office

slippersofficeI must admit that I have totally fallen for the slippers trend ( slides, slippers, slide-on, beloved child has many names as we say in Sweden). My main reason of why I love them is because I like the casual look it gives you, but let's nots forget the most important part; They are so comfy!!

I normally pair them up with a pair of loose jeans for an even more casual outfit or a pair of cropped suit trousers for a smarter look. I love the fact that you almost feel like you walking around in your house slippers but outside in public, a weird but definitely a good feeling!


Shoes/Office HERE

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Chunky knit and a plant





Sundays are truly my favorite day of the week, the preasure is off and thats probably why they end up beeing just prefect. A few Sundays ago I went to Columbia street flower market here in London on a mission to find a plant called Monstera Deliciosa. I have been wanting this plant for so long, so you can imagne the joy when you find it for only 8 pound!

My absolute favorite piece in the wardrobe right now is this chunky knit from Acne Studios, it is perfect. I love that the sleevs are really really long and that it has this kind of round shape in the back, perfection!

And yeah can we talk about the pink doors? How cute?

Knit/ Acne Studios , Denim/ Zara, Shoes/Office