February 4, 2016No Comments

beads, beads, beads


Ever since I started following this account (founder of Anni Lu jewellery) on instagram I have becomed obsessed with bead bracelets  so I started to collect  some of my own that I managed to find here in London.

The gold evil eye bracelet comes from a brand called Kai and since I love to have a evil eye on my wrist for protection this was an easy choice.  I recently discoverd a new brand called Azendi which  is the second pink one on the picture. The have numerous colors  and my biggest concern now is if I were to get another  one wich color should I choose ? Find them all HERE.

Anyone have more tips on bead bracelet to add to my collection???


January 23, 2016No Comments

white nails



Any of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen my latest nail polish color. I got inspired by a woman passing by at my work who wore a similar color on her nails, and I did a copy cat. It happens to me a lot that I get inspired from regular people on the street, and especially in a big city as London where there is constant flow of inspiration and creative people everywhere.


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