Old stuff that last and sparks joy!


I'm not gonna lie, it feels very bittersweet to be back home in London. Bitter because I already miss my family in Sweden and loved just hanging out with my mum, dad, my sister, brother in law and my two nieces. Home feels really empty especially when the boyfriend is away too. Sweet because it's soon new year and I have a feeling that 2018 is gonna be a very exciting year.

From one thing to another. I have thought a lot about consumerism lately and how we overconsume (yes me too, I'm guilty, but I'm trying to get better). I realized that the pieces I love the most in my home are actually the pieces that give me a certain feeling, say for example this leather pouf. I bought second hand for 20 pounds when I was a poor student and lived in my apartment in Gothenburg, I wanted one for years and was so happy when I found this in such good condition and for a pretty good price. I sometimes wonder who has owned it before and where he or she got it, and I love that this pouf has traveled and have had many homes. It has a history so to say, like in the old days when things were rarely bought new and instead inherited until it broke.

What I want to say with this is that my leather pouf really sparks joy as organizing guru Marie Condo would say! My aim is definitely to have fewer things and only keep the pieces I truly love. Quality not quantity. Goals for 2018.

Now last day of work for 2017! Until then Happy New Years!





Sunny beaches tee from Ganni and a lunch in the park

Casual summer outfit post shot in London soho, wearing tee from Ganni, jeans from Acne Studios and slides from H&M.

Ok, so I'm not quite there yet, at the sunny beaches that is ( 14 days but who's counting?) but there is no harm bringing the beaches to the city is there? At least on a t-shirt.

Casual summer outfit post shot in London soho, wearing tee from Ganni, jeans from Acne Studios and slides from H&M.

Danish brand Ganni always does nice, fun and affordable t-shirt with prints, it's kinda their thing. Remember this one from a few season ago?

Casual summer outfit post shot in London soho, wearing tee from Ganni, jeans from Acne Studios and slides from H&M.

Casual summer outfit post shot in London soho, wearing tee from Ganni, jeans from Acne Studios and slides from H&M.

Casual summer outfit post shot in London soho, wearing tee from Ganni, jeans from Acne Studios and slides from H&M.

I'm also back in business with my lovely photographer and friend Maryam, she has been really busy lately but the other day we managed to squeeze in a lunch in the park, with juice and wrap from our favorite place in Soho. And then we shot some outfit photos of course, as you can see on the pictures above. Thank you Maryam for always making me feel good in front of the camera!


Tshirt- Ganni HERE

Denim - Acne Studios

Sandals - H&M HERE


don’t forget to look up


Ever since I arrived here in South of France (yes I am on long-weekend here!) I find myself taking loads of photos of the top of the buildings. One of the beautiful things with the architecture here is that every building seems to be unique in itself but since the still share the same color palette they all make sense together. I love the pale pink color you find on most houses here, always teamed up with a pastel blue or pastel green color on the window-frame. And let's not forget the cherry on top of the icing, the green palms or trees in front of the walls that add an extra flavor to the palette! Beautiful.

If there is any advice I can give when visiting a new city, it would be; "Don't forget to look up!".



hm conscious collection 2016


The moment I saw photos from H&M conscious collection for 2016 I knew I had to get hold of those slippers! They are just perfect with this big satin bow on top of them which make them very special and unique. This is defiantly the year of the slippers and not against me, not only are they pretty but it's so comfortable to wear as well and it's nice to be fashion with a pair of shoes that actually breath. Win win win.

Can't  wait for summer to wear them with a dress...or like THIS (scroll down to see look)


Shoes/ H&M Conscious collection, Trousers/ Topshop


pink lips


I latley become more and more interested in make up, and I'm not a big make up girl. Anyway I still want the make-up to look really natural (someone at work even told me that he didn't  even think I wore makeup! ) but I like to spice it up  with colors on the lip every now and then . So I found this really pink barbie color lipstick, which is not normally a color I would go for but the great thing about this one is that it is matt and not shiny. If it was to be shiny it wouldn't have the same effect and would look to girly and cute while this one looks more fashion! Today's beauty tip!

lipstick/shu uemura, tee/ acne studios




beads, beads, beads


Ever since I started following this account (founder of Anni Lu jewellery) on instagram I have becomed obsessed with bead bracelets  so I started to collect  some of my own that I managed to find here in London.

The gold evil eye bracelet comes from a brand called Kai and since I love to have a evil eye on my wrist for protection this was an easy choice.  I recently discoverd a new brand called Azendi which  is the second pink one on the picture. The have numerous colors  and my biggest concern now is if I were to get another  one wich color should I choose ? Find them all HERE.

Anyone have more tips on bead bracelet to add to my collection???



vintage and burgundy


Burgundy is really a key color this season and lucky for me since I love it. You can match it with almost every color and if you are wearing a lot of black (as me) you should really invest in a burgundy piece as it just give you this extra color in your outfit that goes very well with black.

Enough about that, and lets  move on to my new shoes, finally I feel tall (talller) and plus they are super comfy for being high heels. I am really  happy about them, one can never have to many  black boots if you ask me!

shoes/ acne studios, tee/acne studios, denim/vintage Levi's, coat/uniqlo





The safe card for dry hands this winter is definitely  this hand cream from aésop. The packaging is really nice as well  which means double thumbs up!

And the best thing? Once you put it not only your hands but the entire room smells wonderful.



white nails



Any of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen my latest nail polish color. I got inspired by a woman passing by at my work who wore a similar color on her nails, and I did a copy cat. It happens to me a lot that I get inspired from regular people on the street, and especially in a big city as London where there is constant flow of inspiration and creative people everywhere.


nailpolish/jin soon knit/ acne studios




This is how I looked last sunday, I dont know how I managed to get volume in my hair but I can tell you that it looks way volumless today (unfortnetly).

coat/ Uniqlo, knit/COS, sneakers/adidas, trousers/bikbok (very old)