The white tee

What is is about a simple white tee that gets me so excited? Is it the fact that it literally goes with everything? Maybe.

I normally go for a classic all white one, but now I’m very excited with my new Paloma Wool t-shirt with this amazing print. Classic, but with a twist. Like wearing art on your clothes, who doesn’t want that?

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Back to interiors

I go through phases what inspires me at the moment, or should I say what I'm obsessing over at the moment. For the last couple of weeks, it's been all about jewelry since I'm creating my first real collection for my jewelry brand G Lundgren. As I'm now finishing it off and pretty much have the idea set, I find myself moving over to interior again. Is it the weather maybe? All I want to do is to create a nice nest.

So far our dining room area looks like this...need some art up on the wall and a nice rug. Slowly slowly, just the way I like it. Never stress interior and live in the space first, my tip for today!



Vase/ Liberty London, Table/ Made, Chairs/ Cult Furniture


Not just a pretty face.

About a month ago I got invited to the department store Liberty beauty press day, on this day they present all the new brands and products for the season. One thing that caught my eye was the brand Lixir, yes I admit it was mainly due to the extraordinary and pretty packaging. We do love a good packaging, don't we? But this brand is more than just a pretty face (hence the title of this post) in my goodie bag the Universal Emulsion cream followed my home. Let me tell you, It is magic. I use it in the morning before applying my makeup since it's a moisturizer, night creme and serum base, all in one (!!!!).


Colette Haydon a doctor of dermo-pharmacy and founder of the brand explains that the creme isolates the skin from UV and pollution (we need this in London) and skin is left dewy (not oily ) velvety, smooth, firm, compact and plump.

Yes yes yes, to this cream, I'm a fan and now also an addict.

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The perfect bodymist for summer from Diptyque

dress (1 of 1)-22

If there is one thing I'm better with now than let's say ten years ago it's definitely taking care of my skin. I can admit that I'm currently slightly obsessed with finding the perfect product for my needs and I just love trying new beauty products.

dress (1 of 1)-21

So just before going on holiday to Turkey, I searched forever for a body mist without alcohol in it, why you might wonder? Well, alcohol dries out your skin especially in sun, and let's face it we still want to smell nice and fresh even when we are in the sun. Finally, after a lot of searching, I found this non-alcohol body mist that smells like heaven from my beloved brand Diptyque. A summer winner that will follow me to South of France next month.

Get your own one for summer HERE


Vans, denim and tee – My greatest off-duty look







I am fully aware that my Vans sneakers tend to appear in every post lately, but, Hey when you like something why deny it? They are classic, very comfortable and gives you that cool-factor that we all want.

The second thing I would like to focus on in this look is my t-shirt. It from this new brand called Herculie who produce printed t-shirts in organic cotton (yay!) this one that says "Hoochie Pucci" is by far my favorite, you can get that one any many more at Liberty London.

Photographer: Maryam Samar

T-shirt/  Herculie from Liberty London

Jeans/ H&M

Sneakers/ Vans (KLICK)

Coat/ Uniqlo 


Vlog: Last week’s fashion moments

So I'm starting this week with yet another Vlog, this time it's a mix from different fashion moments last week.

Showing you my new pair of gorgeous shoes from Next (Thanks Next!!), Elizabeth Ilsley's must-have leatherjacket, street-art quotes from London, RayBan forever (I'm a total RayBan addict), mannequins with flowers in the pocket (it is Liberty after all) and finally Bliss and Mischief's super cool tee (I think I need it).

Enjoy your Monday!


Music: Timo Räisänen - Outcast


feu de bois- diptyque

feudeboisScents is a really interesting subject, how a special smell can bring you to memories and different places. When I found this candle It directly brought me back to the house where my parents live and where I grew up, why you might ask? Well for you who knows a little bit of French, Feu de bois means "fire wood" and as long as I can remember my dad always had the fire-place running (even in summer!). I think he just love the ritual of chopping wood and making a fire so it's not just the practical part of it, and it does leave a special scent in the house.

So back to the candle, it smells like my parents home and until I get a fire-place of my own I will keep on lighting this candle!


Get it HERE


on my mind deco


Inspired by the home of interior designer & decorator Monica Damontes and her summer house in Saint Tropez, all I want to do is mix azur blue, turquoise and brass. I love when deco stays organized without being boring. The aim when decorating is to make it clean but always keep the feeling that someone is actually living there, witch I defiantly get the impression when looking in her house. It's all the small things that make it! Since I got myself a new home office I want to use this colors inspiration to my desk, here is a few things I wouldn't mind.

Office chair/ Habitat, Print/ Tate, Pencil cup/ Nordstjerne, Pillowcase/H&Mhome


aesop facial mist


The other day I read THIS post from Caroline, the editor in chief of the Swedish magazine Chic, where she talked about her obsession for facial mist. I hear ya Caroline! One thing we share in common is the love for this product above, since discovering it I'm not sure I can live without it. Nothing makes me feel more fresher and more hydrated then this little spray. And also once you finished applying your make-up spray the mist on it and the make-up will stay longer. Go grab it!

Facial mist/ Aesop Immediate moisture facial hydrosol


stay organized

filofaxNothing makes me feels so good then when I stay organized. I LOVE making to-do list, or let's say lists in general. It calms me down to note what I did and will do in my agenda. I use different colors and highlight important stuff, I can not for the world understand people who uses electronic calendars I need to write it by hand (how else can you make cute drawings next to it?)

So I finally invested in this agenda from Filofax, I wanted something colorful but still classy and what's more classy then red leather? Looking forward to share a lot with this new friend!


Agenda/ Filofax, Handcream/ Byredo at Liberty, Coffeecup/ John Lewis