The circle of clothes

Wearing blazer from Isabel Marant, sunglasses from Karen Walker, denim from Mango and sandals from Sam Edelman.


I have a new favorite piece in my wardrobe, my Isabel Marant blazer. The best thing about this particular blazer is that I got it from my friend Helena (founder of Noordinarysuit), She hadn't used it for years and knew l liked it and kindly let me inherit (Thank you H !)  I absolutely love when fashion has a long life like in this case the blazer.  Before moving houses I also gave away clothes, shoes, and bags I no longer used and it really made me happy to see how excited someone else got for them.

This makes me wanna organize an exchange day where friends bring stuff they don't longer want and exchange it for something else. Sustainable indeed!





Casual Monday’s @ the NoOrdinarySuit Headoffice

marantIt's a nice thing that I can dress casually in the office on Monday's, I'm aware that it is Friday today but I haven't had a chance to post this outfit until now. Very busy week with a trip to Paris squeezed in in the middle of the week.

Anyway, I really do love my new ripped Levis ReDone and if I could I would never take them off.  I also found my old Isabel Marant tee in my wardrobe in which I am falling in love with it again. Linen tees are the best! And of course my Acne Pistol boots, what can a say? A true classic!



Denim/ Levi's Redone

Tee/ Isabel Marant Etoile

Boots/ Acne Studios (HERE)


The art of packing light – Part one


T-shirt in different colors and shape can change any trouser into different looks


Gold earring takes no place in the luggage but makes a big difference when styling your outfit

I'm not in any way calling myself a master of packing, there is way more people who master that art better than me, but practice makes perfect. I have traveled with only hand luggage at least 4 times a year for the past 4 years, so I think I still have a few things I can add to this subject.

Right now I'm about to board the plane for a Christmas holiday in Sweden with my family, but before I thought I would share two of my tips for packing light.

1. Bring a lot of tops. A T-shirt or a top can change the look of one pair of trousers, depending on the color, the fit, the print etc. The good thing with t-shirt is that they take next to no space in the luggage, so you can do the math. Different T-shirt equals many looks.

2. Earrings. A pair of gold earrings can make the simplest outfit look expensive and chic. The same thing here, they take hardly any place in the luggage but make a big different when creating an outfit.

Now time for boarding, see you in Sweden!


T-shirt left/ H&M

T-shirt middle/ Herculie from Liberty London

T-shirt right/ Ganni

Hoop earrings/ Isabel Marant

Ball earrings/ Urban Outfitters

Book/ The book of Palms (KLICK)




My ultimate Airplane outfit – comfy, cool and chic




This Wednesday night I came back from a two-day trip to Sweden, why not? Since I only had two days and had to travel both days I had to dress in something comfortable to travel in and nice enough to wear two days in a row when hanging out with the family. My track pants from Next is a savior in those cases. You look cool plus the are soft and comfy, what more can you ask for? To not look too casual (too much of something is never good) I wore a pair of boots from Ash. And finally my tee from Isabel Marant Etoile, I just love it!

Also take a look at the beautiful light we have in Sweden in the last pictures! Crispy and clean.


Coat/ Mango (KLICK)

Trousers/ Next (KLICK)

T-shirt/  Isabel Marant Etoile

Boots/ Ash


Today’s streetstyle – Laura in Dries Van Noten



lauradriesshoesfrontI'm gonna be quite honest, I'm not your Dries van Noten kind of girl. Don't get me wrong I think it's a fabulous and very creative brand and when I  look through the collections I really see art, but it just doesn't  happened very often that I think "I want to wear this".

Meet Laura, she is one of those who can really pull of the brand. She has the sense of style to mix his pieces up without it looking to much despite all the patterns and details each piece carry. She really inspires me, and I love people who has their style and stick to it. In some things we agree in some things don't when it comes to fashion. I would for example never have the idea of styling what she is wearing on the picturs above. When I saw her wearing it I thought to myself, WOW, she really has style, so I forced her out in the rain and snapped some photos! I thought it could be nice for a change to show someone else then me on the blog.


Todays tip, if you dont have a belt put a tie on it!

Belt/ Dries Van Noten

Trousers/ Dries Van Noten

Brogues/ Dries Van Noten ( I have to admit, the snake-skin makes them fabulous)

Coat/ Isabel Marant Etoile


On my wish list


Okey, so the weather isn't that great for the moment here in London and you kind of have to dress in between season. At the same time you want to dress summery in a way to kind of fool yourself and pretend that it's warmer. They outfit above is perfect for this, playful enough to think it's summer but still varm enough for the actual weather.

Skirt, Zara (klick), Shoes/Zara (klick), Hat/ AndOtherStories (klick), Earrings/ Kate Spade (klick)


marant tee and slingbacks


Yesterday I was walking around in the mud doing a four hour (!) hiking on the English country side, today I'm back in the city pulse with heels instead of trainers. Gotta love the contrast.

Anyway let's talk about this outfit, a while back I bought this Isabel Marant t-shirt that has every feature a good t-shirt should have. It has this perfect oversized look, it's made of linen and have this cool print on it, what else can you ask for?

Now the shoes is an other story, my friend and collegue Tu showed me this Calvin Klein mules she bought on eBay, to be honest I was surprised to find out that they made nice shoes like those. Anyway I did manage to find those slingback on the picture for a very reasonable price, now I can't wait to wear them properly when the weather allows and I will make sure I get a proper closer picture of them!


Tee/ Isabel Marant, Velvet trousers/ Topshop, Slingbacks/ Calvin Klein, Bandana/ Vintage


isabel marant hoops


Did you know that Isabel Marant actually started of her brand with just doing jewellrys? I got these perfect hoops from her brand a while back, and they are the perfect size and have the perfect thickness that a hoop should have. I like her jewellery a lot cause it have this bohemian chic look, without being to hippie ( just enough ) and remains chic and elegant. Et voila!

And I can't agree more than what it says on the jewellery bag, little things does indeed make big days!

Happy friday.


Earrings/ Isabel Marant