Sometimes we just need some shells

My pearl addiction for my jewellery brand House of Hennie has now turn into a shell addiction too. Can't get enough of those Cowrie Shells.

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Hi my name is double denim

Very few looks beat a good old double denim. I feel like you can't go wrong with this concept. Summer is almost over, and I'm very excited to wear chunky knits again and trench, god I missed my trenchcoat. Just one more summer holiday in Turkey left and then I'm ready for AW fashion!

Jeans/ Acne Studios, Denim jacket/ Frame, Bag/ APC, T-shirt/ COS, Earrings/ House of Hennie


The circle of clothes

Wearing blazer from Isabel Marant, sunglasses from Karen Walker, denim from Mango and sandals from Sam Edelman.


I have a new favorite piece in my wardrobe, my Isabel Marant blazer. The best thing about this particular blazer is that I got it from my friend Helena (founder of Noordinarysuit), She hadn't used it for years and knew l liked it and kindly let me inherit (Thank you H !)  I absolutely love when fashion has a long life like in this case the blazer.  Before moving houses I also gave away clothes, shoes, and bags I no longer used and it really made me happy to see how excited someone else got for them.

This makes me wanna organize an exchange day where friends bring stuff they don't longer want and exchange it for something else. Sustainable indeed!





Hiya I’m back

Todys outfit wearing blazer from whyred, tee and denim from COS, shoes from And Other Stories and pearl necklace from House of Hennie.

I'm back. I think I needed a break, I needed time to settle in in my new home (that is amazing FYI ) and most of all I needed time to feel inspired again. I kind I felt like I was going in a direction that wasn't really me. When you create it's very hard not to lose track and stay true to your style and most importantly not get lost looking too much to others. I meet this woman last week and she really made me realize the thing I'm writing here. She follows her own voice and always manage to stay true to her style. So here is for new beginnings and more of Me, the real me.







Out and about with strawbags and baroque pearls

Wearing trench from And Other Stories, sneakers from Vans, sunglasses from Karen Walker, baroquepearl earrings from House of Hennie and straw bag from a local market.


Wearing trench from And Other Stories, sneakers from Vans, sunglasses from Karen Walker, baroquepearl earrings from House of Hennie and straw bag from a local market.

This is how I looked the other day, I know it might not be the classic straw bag weather, but I kinda like the idea to pair it with a look that says less "summer holiday".

I'm also in love with the new baroque earring from House of Hennie, honestly, with a good pair of statement earing you hardly need anything else, I'm not even wearing makeup in this pic.

Spring isn't it just magic?!


Sneaker / Vans, Trench / And Other Stories, Straw Bag / Market found, Sunnies / Karen Walker, Earrings / House of Hennie HERE



A well needed pause and a new earring design

Baroque pearl earrings from House of Hennie and Porter magazine.


Yesterday I spent almost my entire day off in bed. For me it's a very unusual thing to do, but for various reason, I really needed a break. I listened to podcasts and read Porter magazine. I still felt that my to-do list was staring at me, but I kept telling myself that it was nothing that couldn't wait until the next day. I really need to practice on how to relax and let go. How do you do to unwind? Give me some tips.

I still managed to combine a new earring design ( Couldn't help myself ). Thoughts about the new earrings, are they gonna make it all the way to houseofhennie.com?






The creative process

Tiny gold hoop earring with a freshwater pearl from my jewelry brand House of Hennie on brown marble.

I would definitely say that I'm in some kind of creative flow at the moment, and it's indeed a very good place to be. The more creative I get the more ideas I get for my jewelry brand, clothes I want to create, pictures I want to take and now also things I want to paint. If only there were more hours in the day, I know, classic saying but Oh so true.

This is my latest little addition to my upcoming jewelry collection. What do you think, yay or nay? Need your input!


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Corals and jewellery

The importance of surrounding yourself with pieces from nature...

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House of Hennie – meet me, the founder

New pieces are up on the shop and we are celebrating it with a little video where I talk about my brand, so excited! I would be more then happy if you leave a comment below with any possible feedback, what you like, don't like, wish to see etc, any feedback is gold to me.

Hope you  like it and all the pieces on the video are available in the shop HERE.

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What’s up? ( and Merry Christmas obv. )

My favorite book at the moment, Dress Scandinavian by Pernille Tiesbaek and jewelry from my own brand House of Hennie.

The Christmas tree is up and decorated, meatballs are ready (My main task every Christmas), gifts wrapped and my nieces will run into the house any minute. But can we take a minute and talk about how stressed people are days before Christmas?

Stansted Airport two days before Christmas. Ok sorry for slight exaggeration but honestly where is all the Christmas spirit gone? All I saw was stressed people pushing everywhere with too much luggage and no one seem to care about the person standing next to them. Gahhhh! Everyone I talk to seem to experience the same as me, people turn into monsters before Christmas and that's a fact. Did we forget that Christmas is about family, friends and creating moments?

Enough moaning, had to get it out. Let's instead talk about my favorite book this very moment the Scandinavian queen of style Pernille Teisbaek wrote a book about, well, her Scandinavian style and how to achieve it. So good. Go grab it HERE.

Bracelet / House of Hennie HERE

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Denim / Levis Redone