Something from my mama

In this day and age where we constantly are caught up in consumerism, it's nice to fill your home with objects that have a deeper meaning than just being pretty.

Ever since I remember my mum had the bowl with the two stone eggs in her living room that I wasn't allowed to play with as a kid but was always very fascinated by the look of them. I still think they are so beautiful and was very happy when my mum decided to gift them to me. Now they are sitting on my coffee table reminding me of my mum and how something so simple as an egg shape can be so beautiful.

Thank you Mum!



Welcome to my home – Interview at Londonswedes.com


When Londonswedes.com asked me to be part of their "Home at" series, where they interview various Swedes in London and photograph them in their home, I couldn't say no. In the interview I talk about my jobs in fashion, what I would do if I didn't work in fashion, the best things about London and many many more things you guys didn't know about me.

Londonswedes is such a great community for us Swedes, you can find information on their site about anything from job offers, how Brexit affects us, apartments for rent and where you can find the best cinnamon bun in town ( Yes we swedes care about our cinnamon buns). Sometimes being a foreigner can be hard as you are used to your own countries rules, regulations and culture and it can be tricky to go about certain things, so it's so good to have those kinds of sites!

Thank you Londonswedes for having me!


( It's in Swedish but Hey you can always google translate it and check out more pictures from my home)



Interior deco on my mind for the livingroom

I always had a thing for interior deco, it's definitely my second love after fashion. Recently deco has been taking over my mind, has it to do with the fact that it's winter time maybe and all you want to do is to stay home? I don't know the reason but this is what I dreaming  of right now. I thought I give you my three tips for a nicely decorated living room. Here we go!

Brass palm lamp


First of all brass in one of my favorite metals today when it comes to deco, and palm trees are, well simply just amazing. So the combination of a brass and palm tree that is turned into to a lamp can't really go wrong. It's useful (There can never be enough lights) and so beautiful at the same time. Better than a piece of art I would say.

Colorful sofas


Sure a classic gray, navy or white colored sofa is nice indeed, but lately, I explored the beauty of having colorful sofa in the house. Suddenly the sofa isn't just a part of your decoration but instead the center of attention. Considering how big place they normally take it's only natural that they shine no? Go colorful in your sofa I would say.

Bookshelf wall


I love books and naturally, I love bookshelves. To have a bookshelf big enough to cover an entire wall with room enough to not just put books there but art, plants, ornaments and photos is just one of my life goals really. So inspirational to look at that every day.

All pictures are taken from Pinterest, please follow me there for more inspiration HERE





I have completely forgotten to show you my new brass lampe I got in Sweden on sale when I was there for christmas. Someone (not to mention any names but we do live together)  doesn't like it at all, apparently  the light is to bright? Well I don't think so I belive that it is the perfect reading lamp. I absolutely love the design, It has this kind of industrial, unfinished look which I like when it comes to design. Not everything  has to be that complicated.

Lamp- Hemtex


home plants


Let me present to you my latest green addition in my home that I managed to pick up from the flower market last Sunday. A palm (dracaena), a sukulent and a aloe vera plant. I think the home looks so much more cozier and alive with green plants in it (still haven't become a big fan of flowers plants inside) so last Sunday when I went to Colombia Street flower market with Emelie I couldn't resit those.

Did you know how good green plants actually are for the air, especially in a city as London where there already is a lot  pollution? Well read THIS article about the NASA clean air study to learn more and go get those greens plants!



pillow palm


Say hello to my gorgeous pillow case from HM home, I must say they do have some nice stylish affordable pieces. I am gonna match it with my pink velvet pillow (see it in THIS post) and fill my home with green plants, cant wait to go to the flower market on Sunday! Green and dusty pink is by the way such a great combo when it comes to interior deco, can't get enough of that color combination.

They seem to have sold out on this model online, but check out all their other pillowcases HERE.


new years resolution

mood22I am not a big fan of new years resolutions cause I believe in trying to change or do something for yourself anytime, no matter what time of year it is. But this year I acually have a few things that I want to change, and it just happend to be in time for the new year. The first one is to eat less chocolate (or at least stick to the dark ones over 70 % ) cause my addiction is getting a bit out of control.

The second one is reading more books, romans, fact-books and browse more often through the coffee tables books I have. Here is a few new books I wouldn't mind get inspiration from a lazy day as today.

French Riviera: Living well was the best revenge, Xavier Girard

Martius: The book of palms, H Walter Lack

Gypset Style: Julia Chaplin


tom dixon





Any of you who follow me on my Instagram might have seen the paperclips I got from Tom Dixon, well I just couldn't resist this book mark from the brand either. I might have caught the Tom dixon-fever? It looks so nice just laying on the side table, doesn't it?


made by me and dad

IMG_8107Last time I visited my parents, I came up with this idea of a kind of home made art piece to put in our book shelf. Luckily I have a very handy father who can full fill my ideas, so we went to the forest to find the perfect branch. I must say that I am very happy with the final result and It looks pretty good next to the books, I always love brining pieces of nature in to the home. Thanks Daddy!