J’adore Rodin

Three new favorites, my Linda Rodin lipgloss and lipstick and my marble tray from Hay

Finally, I found a lipstick that moistures my lips and don't leave them dry. Linda Rodin sure knows her thing. Lip balm too is pretty amazing, and packaging, I do care about a nice packaging.

10 out of 10 I would say.

Get the lipstick HERE and lip balm HERE


hay @ cos


The other week when I was strolling on Kensington high street here in London I passed COS and saw from outside that they were selling some deco pieces from Hay. I entered to check it out, and realized that the entire lower ground floor was no longer filled with clothes but with funiture and decoration from Hay. They decorated it really nice so you had a feeling you were passing different rooms, instead  of a shop. Hay is truly a nice brand, I mean just take a look at the pictures  above, don't you just want to move in?

I love the light colors in grey and pink with the green plant in the background in the first picture and the three coffee tables in a row in the second one.

I say yes please!


Wardrobe basics



So after a week filled with work during London fashion week, a cold and a visit I can finally say that I am back in business. During this little break the season managed to change, and it is officially autumn here in London.

So one of my goals is to build that basic wardrobe of mine, it might sound boring but the fact is that I am a jeans t-shirt boots kind of girl. Not in the boring way, but I prefer to put my effort in to the daily look rather then to the rare occasions. So I thought that I would share my so far bets bits of my closet, to maybe inspire you to some pieces you might be missing.

Everybody who owns a pair of jeans should own a jeans shirt. Wear it open with a t-shirt underneath, wear it as a Jacket  over a dress during summer, or closed over a pair of jeans, or with a cardigan on top during winter. The choices are endless. It is definitely one of my best everyday pieces from my wardrobe. This one is from Zara and its made from 100 % cotton, which is for me important cause the skin can breath in it. In this case you don't have to go for the pricey ones, just make sure the fit is good and that it is made from a good material.

So long!

Denim shirt/Zara, Brass hanger/Hay


Brass hangers


hanger22I got those brass hanger when I was living in Paris, and I love them so much I wish all my clothes were hanging on them, but they are little bit pricy for that. I think they are perfect if you need just a few hanger in the hallway for jackets and stuff, unfortunately we don't have a hallway right now but Im saving them for now, and only a few of my lucky dresses get to hang on them. They are from the brand Hay, a danish brand that make amazing things.

Go get them!