I have this thing for vases…

I don't know how or when it started, but I have from being a person who didn't own a single vase becoming a person that can't have enough vases, yes my name is Gabriella and I'm a vase addict. I think a vase can change the feel of an entire room and add a bit of color and personality to the space. I either fill mine with fresh flowers or just use the beautiful one's empty serving as sculptures.

Here are my favorite affordable vases out on the market today.

Brown Vase / CONRAN SHOP , Grey Vase / HABITAT , Pink Vase / SKANDIUM , Green Vase / ARKET

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on my mind deco


Inspired by the home of interior designer & decorator Monica Damontes and her summer house in Saint Tropez, all I want to do is mix azur blue, turquoise and brass. I love when deco stays organized without being boring. The aim when decorating is to make it clean but always keep the feeling that someone is actually living there, witch I defiantly get the impression when looking in her house. It's all the small things that make it! Since I got myself a new home office I want to use this colors inspiration to my desk, here is a few things I wouldn't mind.

Office chair/ Habitat, Print/ Tate, Pencil cup/ Nordstjerne, Pillowcase/H&Mhome


a bigger splash


A few weeks ago I bought this print from Tate modern, and yesterday I found the perfect frame to it. It's on the wall now and I can't stop staring at it, the colors are so beautiful together and it makes me happy! Underneath you can read some more about my art piece.

'A Bigger Splash' was painted between April and June 1967 when Hockney was teaching at the University of California at Berkeley. It is one of a group of swimming pool paintings that Hockney created. He was fascinated by the subject as unlike in Britain, swimming pools were not considered a luxury in California as they could be used all year round.

'The bright bold colours of 'A Bigger Splash' and the fast drying acrylic paint emphasise the strong and sunny California light. The position of the diving board gives perspective and cuts across the horizon. There is no human presence in this painting, but the splash implies the presence of a diver.

A bigger splash/ David Hockney

wooden frame/ habitat