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Some kind of New Years resolution

I love writing and always loved to express my self in words, but somehow I lost it and overthought about everything I was writing here and in the end, it just wasn’t my voice anymore. I think it’s easy to try to make things so perfect that instead, they lose all their sense or realness in a way.

Well, this is me taking back my voice, sharing from now on maybe less perfect pictures, text with grammar faults and spelling mistake but 100% me.

This is me in an outfit on New Year’s Eve, my ultimate uniform, a look that I feel so comfortable and so “Me” in, oversized blazer, denim and a tee.

Happy new year!


Blazer Ganni // Tee COS // Denim Levis ReDone



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Vlog- My three favorite Scandinavian looks this summer


Tadaaa, I haven't done a Vlog for a long time but I suddenly got the feeling for it!

So as we are in the middle of summer and some of you might have more holidays coming up (or staycation?) I thought I would show you my top three holidays looks from my wardrobe. I realized after doing the video that they are all from Scandinavian brands...I really didn't pick it intentionally guess it's in my DNA?

First look:

Rodebjer blue printed dress, satin sandals from Zara and sunglasses from Ray Ban

Second look:

Dress from And Other Stories, Panama hat and sandals from market in South of France

Third look:

Trousers from the Danish brand Ganni, top from Cos, sandals from H&M (HERE) sunglasses McQ

Hope you liked it, I really enjoy doing videos every now and then so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE to not miss them!



May 13, 20171 Comment

Ganni forever/ fever and my thoughts on Scandinvian Fashion



Sometimes I almost feel slightly embarrassed when someone asks me about my favorite brands, only due to the fact that most of them are Scandinavian. Since I am Scandinavian I sometimes ask myself " am I not broadening my horizon enough?" But trust me in a city like London you get exposed to a lot of different styles so that really can't be the case. I see other brands and designer and as much as I can appreciate them, it's not what I choose to put in my basket. Ok maybe I'm exaggeration a little bit, my closet doesn't only contain Scandinavian brand but you get the point, I love Scandinavian fashion so shoot me now? Now that I got that off my chest, le'ts talk about the look above.

Danish brand Ganni is one of my favorite brands, so playful and colorful but yet som minimalistic and chic. In this photo, I'm doing a full Ganni look. Perfect to pair with a pair of sneakers for an even more casual touch.

Trousers/ Ganni at Liberty

 Top/ Ganni

 Slingbacks/ And Other Stories

Find more pieces from Ganni HERE

March 26, 20172 Comments

Cherry and bandanas – A perfect match


I dawns on me a lot of the time when styling how keeping it simple really makes it perfect, everytime. I know, I know I'm Scandinavian and we are really known for it and blah blah blah, but the truth it that we always try to overdo things and had we just removed one or two things the result would have been different and better.

The other day I styled my white t-shirt with a bandana and matched the bandana with the embroidered cherry. I turned out pretty well, I must say, simple and not overdone. Loving bandanas and cherry's on clothes for that matter. Check my best buys of them both of them below. I'm quite tempted to get the cherry tee from Ganni with a white bandana, Yay or Nay??

T-shirt / Brandy Melville (SOLD OUT)

Bandana/ Vintage


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My new year’s resolution for 2017

I'm not the biggest fan of new years resolution as I believe you can make goals and changes in your life any time of the year and don't have to be restricted to a specific date. Nevertheless, it's hard to not think about the changes you might want to do and goals you would like to achieve since most people around you either have a new years resolution or ask you if you have one.

I thought about it and I might have a few changes I want to make, here we go!


1. Read more books. For me, I just need to get in the habit again, it's as simple as that. On a one week holiday I can read up to four books (of course you have way more time on your hand) but in my daily life I seem to have a hard time fitting reading in. This will change, less series on Netflix and more reading in the evenings, starting with this amazing book I got on the pic above.


2. Eat healthier. I do eat quite healthy already but I have what people call a sweet tooth (thank you mom for giving me that DNA, hehe). When the afternoon tiredness hit, or after a big lunch I feel this need for something sugary. Preferably something with chocolate. As sugar is like a drug it's hard to quit the habit straight away so my master plan is to for now only eat dark chocolate covered nuts (see pic above) as a snack, and then hopefully just the nut. And yeah I bought a cooking book as well to get inspired.

Book/ The Coveteur (KLICK)

Pyjama blouse/ Ganni

Denim/ Levis Re-Done

Book/ Honestly Healthy (KLICK)

Chocolate coated nuts/ Holland and Barret (KLICK)

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The art of packing light – Part one


T-shirt in different colors and shape can change any trouser into different looks


Gold earring takes no place in the luggage but makes a big difference when styling your outfit

I'm not in any way calling myself a master of packing, there is way more people who master that art better than me, but practice makes perfect. I have traveled with only hand luggage at least 4 times a year for the past 4 years, so I think I still have a few things I can add to this subject.

Right now I'm about to board the plane for a Christmas holiday in Sweden with my family, but before I thought I would share two of my tips for packing light.

1. Bring a lot of tops. A T-shirt or a top can change the look of one pair of trousers, depending on the color, the fit, the print etc. The good thing with t-shirt is that they take next to no space in the luggage, so you can do the math. Different T-shirt equals many looks.

2. Earrings. A pair of gold earrings can make the simplest outfit look expensive and chic. The same thing here, they take hardly any place in the luggage but make a big different when creating an outfit.

Now time for boarding, see you in Sweden!


T-shirt left/ H&M

T-shirt middle/ Herculie from Liberty London

T-shirt right/ Ganni

Hoop earrings/ Isabel Marant

Ball earrings/ Urban Outfitters

Book/ The book of Palms (KLICK)



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Skirts, boots and printed tees







So I have this love for printed tee's (I used to the prefer the plain ones) and I thought it was just a phase, but when the phase has been going on for a while it's not a phase anymore is it? I'm just giving in and my printed tee collection keeps growing. This one from Ganni is definitely a favorite right now.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Maryam Samar ( Check out more of her amazing work HERE )

Tee/ Ganni  HERE

Skirt/ Acne Studios

Boots/ Acne Studios

Denim jacket/ Topshop 


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“Game over, you lose” Ganni t-shirt and shoes from Next

gameoverGame over, you lose. Yep that is exactly what my tee is saying, and I am loving it. And what about my shoes from Next? (Thank you again Next!) They really are the perfect everyday shoe and can spice up any outfit, and on top of that they are very comfortable as well. That's all for this Monday, later skaters!

Shoes/ Next (HERE)

Top/ Ganni (HERE)

Denim/ vintage Levis 501

Bag/ A.P.C