It's not New Years yet, but I already started my new challenge or let's call it; promise to myself. Lately, I fell in love with beauty again. For the last week, I listen to at least one episode per day of The Beuty Routine podcast with Emma Unckel and Frida Fahrman ( in Swedish though so sorry to all non-Swedish speaking readers) and I love their funny and relaxed approach to beauty. I also listened to some old interviews from Style by Beauty podcast where they interviewed stylist Columbine Smille and designer Elin Kling and after this, I realized I need to get my beauty routine together.

Elin Kling describes it that if she has her beauty routine together and doesn't have to make choices in the morning this simplifies her life since she already has other things to focus about, she describes the same thing with her wardrobe how fewer choices are good for her. Columbine, on the other hand, means that since she constantly in her line of work have to dress other people and create she prefers to both keeping it simple when it comes to dressing and in her beauty routine.

I can so relate to this, and I am to be honest tired of having too many beauty products and clothes. So new me. My new mission is to find my "hero products", you know the ones you keep going back to and that never disappoints. So this is my new little beauty tryout/finding my heroes thread.

First out it THE lip balm, and trust me I've tried them all, but this one will not leave my side. I blame (or should I say thank?) this new obsession on my friend Kamilla, after seeing it on her and tried it myself since she so nicely managed to get me a sample. Now I'm hooked and By Terry Baume The Rose will probably forever be on lips. It's hard to explain how good it is you simply have to take my word for it! Get it HERE



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