The perfect bodymist for summer from Diptyque

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If there is one thing I'm better with now than let's say ten years ago it's definitely taking care of my skin. I can admit that I'm currently slightly obsessed with finding the perfect product for my needs and I just love trying new beauty products.

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So just before going on holiday to Turkey, I searched forever for a body mist without alcohol in it, why you might wonder? Well, alcohol dries out your skin especially in sun, and let's face it we still want to smell nice and fresh even when we are in the sun. Finally, after a lot of searching, I found this non-alcohol body mist that smells like heaven from my beloved brand Diptyque. A summer winner that will follow me to South of France next month.

Get your own one for summer HERE


feu de bois- diptyque

feudeboisScents is a really interesting subject, how a special smell can bring you to memories and different places. When I found this candle It directly brought me back to the house where my parents live and where I grew up, why you might ask? Well for you who knows a little bit of French, Feu de bois means "fire wood" and as long as I can remember my dad always had the fire-place running (even in summer!). I think he just love the ritual of chopping wood and making a fire so it's not just the practical part of it, and it does leave a special scent in the house.

So back to the candle, it smells like my parents home and until I get a fire-place of my own I will keep on lighting this candle!


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