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Littery all I want to do is to cuddle up at home with a lit candle and a book. I wouldn't mind doing it in this dreamy armchair on sale right now from Cult Furniture HERE, with the amazing coffee table from West Elm HERE. The book is already in my possessions but I love it so much so its worth mention again and you can order it HERE, and my long time wanted candle holder from Skandium HERE, the best thing about this is that you buy each 3-piece candle holder separately and build them as you want depending on how many you have. Genius!



Georgia Tal’s blue walls

Only read this if you are ready to paint your walls.

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Anyone who knows me well knows that I absolutely love interior deco. Right now I'm drawn to leather, rattan, wood, the color white and plants. Very nature close colors and harmonic. If you think about it really doesn't have to be that expensive to reach this type of home, most high street decor brands have products that will work well if you want to achieve this styling. Just check my favorites below and let's be honest a green plant doesn't cost a fortune either! Anyone who has more suggestions?

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on my mind deco


Inspired by the home of interior designer & decorator Monica Damontes and her summer house in Saint Tropez, all I want to do is mix azur blue, turquoise and brass. I love when deco stays organized without being boring. The aim when decorating is to make it clean but always keep the feeling that someone is actually living there, witch I defiantly get the impression when looking in her house. It's all the small things that make it! Since I got myself a new home office I want to use this colors inspiration to my desk, here is a few things I wouldn't mind.

Office chair/ Habitat, Print/ Tate, Pencil cup/ Nordstjerne, Pillowcase/H&Mhome