Something from my mama

In this day and age where we constantly are caught up in consumerism, it's nice to fill your home with objects that have a deeper meaning than just being pretty.

Ever since I remember my mum had the bowl with the two stone eggs in her living room that I wasn't allowed to play with as a kid but was always very fascinated by the look of them. I still think they are so beautiful and was very happy when my mum decided to gift them to me. Now they are sitting on my coffee table reminding me of my mum and how something so simple as an egg shape can be so beautiful.

Thank you Mum!



deco desires

decodesiresWhen the season is getting darker and winter is getting closer (Yes we can not deny it any longer) I always have the urge to decorate/re-decorate at home. I guess it has to do with the fact that we tend to spend more time at home during the winter-season?

Scandinavian as I am, I'm a sucker for interior deco, an interest I share with my sister that we can discuss for hours. As much as I love the minmal style, I don't want my home to look to stiff, my wish is that when people enter they see the person who lives there through the deco. The most boring type of deco according to me is when a home feels like a museum with no soul. Then on the other hand, I can not stand a home filled with clutter, it's a fine line I guess.

I love the combo of, white/beige, green plants, brown lether and kilim fabrics as seen on the picture above. I get the minimal feeling with a bohemin touch, just my taste!

Wouldn't mind the pieces above to get a feeling of a fresh new home.

1.Rug/ John Lewis, 2. Leather Pouf/ Not on the highstreet, 3. Pillow case/ Hennisdotter 


pink velvet cushion


A nice cushion can make such a difference, this one is a home-made one since I found it hard to find the perfect pink velvet cushion that I was aiming for. Now all I have to do is to find the perfect "leaf" print to make an other one. Luckily I live just close by a road full of shops that sells fabrics, its like a treasure hunt to go there.  I love contrast and thats why I want the second one to be totally  different, I will snap a photo as soon as I have found the perfect second cushion. To be continued...


a bigger splash


A few weeks ago I bought this print from Tate modern, and yesterday I found the perfect frame to it. It's on the wall now and I can't stop staring at it, the colors are so beautiful together and it makes me happy! Underneath you can read some more about my art piece.

'A Bigger Splash' was painted between April and June 1967 when Hockney was teaching at the University of California at Berkeley. It is one of a group of swimming pool paintings that Hockney created. He was fascinated by the subject as unlike in Britain, swimming pools were not considered a luxury in California as they could be used all year round.

'The bright bold colours of 'A Bigger Splash' and the fast drying acrylic paint emphasise the strong and sunny California light. The position of the diving board gives perspective and cuts across the horizon. There is no human presence in this painting, but the splash implies the presence of a diver.

A bigger splash/ David Hockney

wooden frame/ habitat


new years resolution

mood22I am not a big fan of new years resolutions cause I believe in trying to change or do something for yourself anytime, no matter what time of year it is. But this year I acually have a few things that I want to change, and it just happend to be in time for the new year. The first one is to eat less chocolate (or at least stick to the dark ones over 70 % ) cause my addiction is getting a bit out of control.

The second one is reading more books, romans, fact-books and browse more often through the coffee tables books I have. Here is a few new books I wouldn't mind get inspiration from a lazy day as today.

French Riviera: Living well was the best revenge, Xavier Girard

Martius: The book of palms, H Walter Lack

Gypset Style: Julia Chaplin


tom dixon





Any of you who follow me on my Instagram might have seen the paperclips I got from Tom Dixon, well I just couldn't resist this book mark from the brand either. I might have caught the Tom dixon-fever? It looks so nice just laying on the side table, doesn't it?


made by me and dad

IMG_8107Last time I visited my parents, I came up with this idea of a kind of home made art piece to put in our book shelf. Luckily I have a very handy father who can full fill my ideas, so we went to the forest to find the perfect branch. I must say that I am very happy with the final result and It looks pretty good next to the books, I always love brining pieces of nature in to the home. Thanks Daddy!




I truly do love my Moschino gold belt that I bought in Paris a while ago, but for some weird reason it ends up staying more on my shelf then styled on me. I does look good on the shelf as well so I'm not complaining but I think I just need some ideas how to style it when not wearing a dress. Maybe with a oversized white shirt? I will keep you posted...


Waterford rebel collection


Ok so the other day while I was strolling around in the interior department of John Lewis and I found this brand I never heard about before called Waterford. The make mostly glasses and drinking accessories but even jewelry, and the have this new collection called Rebel which I absolutely fell in love with, I want it all. The pieces I picked out is pieces I imagine just laying around on the coffee table (yes, I love having a coffee table filled with books and objects ). The bottle opener would be the first thing I would buy, have you ever seen a more chic bottle opener like that?

Check out the entire rebel collection HERE.