blue wall

bluewall1How magic is this blue wall?

This Sunday I literally had ten minutes to get dressed for an unplanned dinner in central London, it's  moments like this when you are happy that you have started to build up that basic wardrobe. With a good basic wardrobe I truly believe you always have something to wear for any occasion. The black dress is as we all know always a winning card, black boots (I know, I know, I should stop wearing those boots. But hey, they are new and I really love them!), a black denim jacket, my navy handbag and a pair of sunnies. Made me thinking that it's  really not always a bad idea to not overthink your outfit. Simply go with  the flow, like I did this time.


Denim Jacket/Topshop, Boots/And Other Stories, Dress/COS, Bag/A.P.C, Sunglasses/Ray Ban


hay @ cos


The other week when I was strolling on Kensington high street here in London I passed COS and saw from outside that they were selling some deco pieces from Hay. I entered to check it out, and realized that the entire lower ground floor was no longer filled with clothes but with funiture and decoration from Hay. They decorated it really nice so you had a feeling you were passing different rooms, instead  of a shop. Hay is truly a nice brand, I mean just take a look at the pictures  above, don't you just want to move in?

I love the light colors in grey and pink with the green plant in the background in the first picture and the three coffee tables in a row in the second one.

I say yes please!


prima ballerina

ballerinaSometimes I happend to think about a piece or a model in either clothes, bags or  shoes that I would like to own, and in that same moment I also sometimes say to my self out load -But wait don't I already have that? This is exactly what happend this other day when I thought to myself that I wanted a pair of leather ballerinas.

Now you might think, that I have a really huge closet in order to not know what's in it, but this is not the case. Since moving in between apartments while living three years in Paris and finally doing a major move here to London, bringing everything by myself on eurostar (never doing that again) resulted i a few "selling of stuff at flee markets". So to make a long story short, I don't always know  if 1. I sold it 2. Threw it away or 3. Left it somewhre in an appartment in Paris. Luckily I relised after going throw all my shoes that I keept this beauties! ballerinablwh

 The best thing about them is that  they are foldable so you can easyly  bring them in your handbag and put them on when your heels start hurting too much.

ballerina/ COS, denim/ Levis 501/ vintage




This is how I looked last sunday, I dont know how I managed to get volume in my hair but I can tell you that it looks way volumless today (unfortnetly).

coat/ Uniqlo, knit/COS, sneakers/adidas, trousers/bikbok (very old)