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Beach dress from Monki and a beautiful Turkish landscape

Wearing my red and white stripy oversized dress from Swedish brand Monki in the a beautiful Turkish landscape.

I still feel after a few weeks back in the city that my mind can't really pick up on the city paste that I normally was used to. Imagine how much holiday actually does for you? I'm always quite effective but many times during the day I find myself daydreaming away which is not at all like me. It's slightly frustrating and nice at the same time. Weird to say the least.

So I will continue feeding you with holiday pictures, just because I can ( The beauty of being your own publisher) and simply because I have so much more to share.

Wearing my red and white stripy oversized dress from Swedish brand Monki in the a beautiful Turkish landscape.

I wore this dress from Swedish brand Monki every day when going to the beach. It's made from 100 % cotton (Love!) so very breathable in 35 degrees and oversized so not too tight in the waist, also a plus in a hot climate. It's stripy aswell, I always loved stripes on holidays for some reason and I guess I'm not the only one. Can we also talk about the backdrop?? How beautiful is the Turkish landscape on the coast side, like a postcard!

If you are interested in the dress you can get it HERE


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My favorite everyday uniform


Isn't it the nicest thing when you find a good everyday look? Well, this is my current one, classic and very casual. When I don't know what to wear and I'm in a rush, this is my safe card.

I love the mom jeans from Mango simply because they are the perfect fit and it's made of proper denim, not the stretchy ones you normally find on the high street. The knit from Uniqlo is just a good basic for a very good price point and it's a blend of cotton and cashmere, so very soft as you can imagine. My cowboy boots from Topshop are perfect for when you running in town, and they look pretty kick ass too!

And Oh, My metal pot from H&M Home, isn't it gorgeous?

Klick through the pictures below if you want to check them out online!


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It’s all about the contrasts

contrastsI always loved dressing in contrast to balance up a look. If I wear a romantic skirt I would pair it with a masculine top, or a boot anything really just to not look to much of something.

Yesterday I wore this very ballerina shaped skirt (check out another outfit with the skirt HERE) and styled it with a oversized sweatshirt (tucked-in in the front), just to even things out. We all know to much of something is never good!

Sweatshirt and skirt/ Acne Studios, Boots/ Ash

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sunday funday


When your line of work requires you to always be dressed up (which I Iove don't get me wrong) it is quite nice to on a Sunday dress down. So last Sunday that is  exactly what I did, no heels to spice up the outfit, no makeup to hide behind, just back to basic. What a relief sometimes! This is how I looked for a dinner out followed by the pub with some friends.

Denim/ Acne Studios style Patti, Sweater/ Etre Cecile, Sunnies/ Ray Ban, Sneakers/ Converse


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slippers from office

slippersofficeI must admit that I have totally fallen for the slippers trend ( slides, slippers, slide-on, beloved child has many names as we say in Sweden). My main reason of why I love them is because I like the casual look it gives you, but let's nots forget the most important part; They are so comfy!!

I normally pair them up with a pair of loose jeans for an even more casual outfit or a pair of cropped suit trousers for a smarter look. I love the fact that you almost feel like you walking around in your house slippers but outside in public, a weird but definitely a good feeling!


Shoes/Office HERE