The perfect bodymist for summer from Diptyque

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If there is one thing I'm better with now than let's say ten years ago it's definitely taking care of my skin. I can admit that I'm currently slightly obsessed with finding the perfect product for my needs and I just love trying new beauty products.

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So just before going on holiday to Turkey, I searched forever for a body mist without alcohol in it, why you might wonder? Well, alcohol dries out your skin especially in sun, and let's face it we still want to smell nice and fresh even when we are in the sun. Finally, after a lot of searching, I found this non-alcohol body mist that smells like heaven from my beloved brand Diptyque. A summer winner that will follow me to South of France next month.

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Wake Wonderful – For tired January skin like mine


Okey, I don't normally write about beauty to much unless its a product I really love. Hence this blog post, thanks to my colleague and friend Bryony to whom I complained about my, in my eyes, gray, dull and tired skin, and who then recommended me this magical product.


When someone says " I promise, I woke up and I could actually see my skin glowing. I really saw I change." let's be honest, you don't really believe them completely do you? I know it will be same for you when reading this post, but No I'm not paid by Ren to tell this, I'm simply giving you guys a gift If you feel the same as me.

So I'm sorry to say this but I didn't really think it was gonna work as well as my college told me, but I did go to Ren to a get a sample, I mean it can't get worse, can it?

It didn't my friend, I must say I didn't have this Aha experience whilst looking myself in the mirror, but I did see something changing. My ultimate test was when I entered work with these horrible big mirrors and that strong light, and I saw it, the glow.

Later that day one of my regular costumers gave me the ultimate proof that this little product had done its miracle. She looked at me and said, " You have been on holiday haven't you", I haven't so naturally I said no, and she replied, "but you have this glow, your skin is glowing".


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lipstick girl

lipstickI never used to be a lipstick girl until I moved to Paris, (I'm still not a true lipstick girl because there are some serious lipstick business going on out there where I'm not even close to becoming a lipstick girl) there I discovered how a lipstick can make you look like you made an effort. It transforms you to a person from being not ready, to ready. Here in London I have experimented a bit more with colors and brands, because as I said; a good lipstick comes in handy when you need that exra push and boost on your look.

I tend to go more for the orange-red ones as it looks better with my blonde hair and light skin, like this one on the picture my new found from Mac. Gorgeous, no?


Lipstick/MAC Saigon Summer, Sweater/ Acne Studios