Glossier’s pop up in London a.k.a heaven

Sorry for the radio silence here on the blog but I'm working on a project that I will reveal hopefully this week. I know it's boring with a cliffhanger but stay tuned, I'm sure you gonna like it.

Got some goodies from the Glossier pop up in London, boy brow and haloscope followed me home.

So Glossier came to London. A beauty brand I have been following for a while and couldn't wait to start trying. Not only is the packaging amazing, the branding extraordinary,  the pricepoint fantastic but the product itself are really good too. I mean what else can you ask from a brand?

Got some goodies from the Glossier pop up in London, boy brow and haloscope followed me home.

This time the Brow Boy and Haloscope highlighter followed me home and I'm already addicted. The boy brow makes my thin and unfortunately overplucked eyebrow look thicker in a smooth a natural way and the highlighter doesn't dry out the skin and leave this great shimmery effect. Win-win. I'm already thinking what to buy next (I actually have a list already what to buy. Dear Santa...)

The founder Emily Weiss herself really impresses me, imagine to build an empire like that and a new way of how to sell beauty products. Very inspiring.

Now I have to get back to my other work.



The perfect bodymist for summer from Diptyque

dress (1 of 1)-22

If there is one thing I'm better with now than let's say ten years ago it's definitely taking care of my skin. I can admit that I'm currently slightly obsessed with finding the perfect product for my needs and I just love trying new beauty products.

dress (1 of 1)-21

So just before going on holiday to Turkey, I searched forever for a body mist without alcohol in it, why you might wonder? Well, alcohol dries out your skin especially in sun, and let's face it we still want to smell nice and fresh even when we are in the sun. Finally, after a lot of searching, I found this non-alcohol body mist that smells like heaven from my beloved brand Diptyque. A summer winner that will follow me to South of France next month.

Get your own one for summer HERE


Tax free and french Vogue

taxfreevogueHello from the Swedish west coast! I am away on holiday to visit my beloved family, a well needed break.

When I travel I always make sure I have some time at the airport before boarding, time to have a coffee and of course time for tax-free! It is just the best feeling doing some beauty shopping before your holiday. This time were no exception and three product ended up in my shopping bag.

Clarins instant light lip comfort oil. Just because I read it about it HERE, and I'm slightly obsessed with new lip products. Love this one and it smells like raspberry's as well.

Clarins sun wrinkle control cream for face. Although the sun is absent I here right now, (please let there be sun) It is still important to protect your face from sun spots and wrinkles and Clarins Paris products has never disappointed me.

Clinique liquid facial soap mild. Forgot my face soap in London so thought I would try this one. Very happy about that, my skin feels so clean and soft after washing it now.

And behind my favorite cover of French Vouge (July 2010) with Miss Moss. The colors, her red lips, the sea and the earrings. Just perfect.




pink lips


I latley become more and more interested in make up, and I'm not a big make up girl. Anyway I still want the make-up to look really natural (someone at work even told me that he didn't  even think I wore makeup! ) but I like to spice it up  with colors on the lip every now and then . So I found this really pink barbie color lipstick, which is not normally a color I would go for but the great thing about this one is that it is matt and not shiny. If it was to be shiny it wouldn't have the same effect and would look to girly and cute while this one looks more fashion! Today's beauty tip!

lipstick/shu uemura, tee/ acne studios