Sjoskin – The new beauty brand

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Everyone who follows me knows about my love for organic skincare, so when Jenny founder of the new Swedish skincare brand Sjöskin approached and told me about her new product I was eager to try it, to say the least! And yes, the result is just as good as you can imagine, my skin felt fresh, clean and silky smooth after masking due to the little seeds in the mask that you can rub before washing the mask off. I was so curious to find out more about this amazing product so I did I two question interview to find out more.
What differentiate you from other masks?
We really believe in the simplicity and power of nature. We don’t think there is a need for 50 ingredients in one product. For us, every single ingredient has a purpose and is carefully selected and sourced of the highest quality. We really just wanted to create a hero product and do it really well in all aspects. We’ve put thought into everything from our packaging down to our ingredients. We also wanted to give back so we donate 10% of profits to causes that save the bees.
What’s next for SJÖ SKIN?
We have been live for only 3 weeks but have already seen incredible response to our Happy Honey Mask so we are working on developing 2 more products for our range. This will be a serum and a face mist- we are currently asking our community on Instagram what they would like to see in terms of ingredients and packaging. It’s just so incredibly exciting that we are blowing up and seeing the results of our hard work.
Head over to read more about the ingredients, their story and of course to shop the mask at sjoskin.com (KLICK)
Good Luck Jenny and can’t wait to see more from Sjöskin!



Wake Wonderful – For tired January skin like mine


Okey, I don't normally write about beauty to much unless its a product I really love. Hence this blog post, thanks to my colleague and friend Bryony to whom I complained about my, in my eyes, gray, dull and tired skin, and who then recommended me this magical product.


When someone says " I promise, I woke up and I could actually see my skin glowing. I really saw I change." let's be honest, you don't really believe them completely do you? I know it will be same for you when reading this post, but No I'm not paid by Ren to tell this, I'm simply giving you guys a gift If you feel the same as me.

So I'm sorry to say this but I didn't really think it was gonna work as well as my college told me, but I did go to Ren to a get a sample, I mean it can't get worse, can it?

It didn't my friend, I must say I didn't have this Aha experience whilst looking myself in the mirror, but I did see something changing. My ultimate test was when I entered work with these horrible big mirrors and that strong light, and I saw it, the glow.

Later that day one of my regular costumers gave me the ultimate proof that this little product had done its miracle. She looked at me and said, " You have been on holiday haven't you", I haven't so naturally I said no, and she replied, "but you have this glow, your skin is glowing".


Get it at LIBERTY , MARKS & SPENCER , JOHN LEWIS and many more...




The safe card for dry hands this winter is definitely  this hand cream from aésop. The packaging is really nice as well  which means double thumbs up!

And the best thing? Once you put it not only your hands but the entire room smells wonderful.



sleep tight


I am very sensitive to sleep, I am a person who need a proper sleep in order to work and survive the next day. To not take any risk I have my tricks and helps. The first one is good night tea that just make you get in to the relaxing mood and the second one is deep sleep pillow spray. Its a spray that contains mostly lavender that makes you stress down and relax. You simply spray it on your pillow and voila, the aromas helps you fall a sleep and it's suppost to make you sleep deep aswell. I think it works!

deep sleep pillow spray/ this works


lip scrub



I started wearing lipstick more often at work lately, but with this cold weather combined with my dry lips it didn't always look great. But I have found the answer spelled lip scrub, why didn't I use this before? Let me tell you that they are silky smooth now.

Lip scrub/ Kiko Milano


In my bag


So there are a few beauty things that I constantly keep in my bag in order to survive the day. My hand cream from Molton Brown, who not only smells delicious but keeps my hand fresh and silky smooth. Lip moisturizer from Elisabeth Arden Eight hour (or Carmex), cause I just always feel like having something on my lips and this one make them a little bit shiny as well. And last but not least my newest thing, Viamine E face mist from The Body Shop. It might sound weird to carry around a face mist in your bag, but for those people who lived in big citys like London, would know how quickly you feel dirty and unfresh. For me it is especially my face and after 30 min on the run on dusty trafficked street and crowded tubes you kind of need a shower. Well the answer my friends is face mist, a little dash of that in your face and you feel ready and fresh again!