January 5, 20172 Comments

Pink metallic loafers – My best sales bargain




My new pink metallic loafers are so nice that I thought they actually deserve three photos to fully present them here on the blog. I got them on sales this year at Topshop for only 35 pounds, you heard me right 35 pounds!? They are made of real leather so hopefully they will last a while (knowing me I will probably wear them every day as soon as they weather allows). Win win win!

I think I will probably style them with a pair of straight leg denim and something simple and discrete on top, just to balance it out. The attention should definitely be towards the shoes...pretty please let it be spring soon?


Shoes/ Topshop

Carpet/ Argos


October 28, 2016No Comments

Ear candy


hoopsargosCan you spot my earrings? I know they are tiny, but that's kind of the thing. I realized  that when it comes to earrings I prefer either massive ones or teeny tiny. The hoops are perfect, just big enough to make their way around the earlobe and no bigger. And  guess what, they are made of 9 karat gold, not gold plated but pure gold and they cost no more than a dinner out at the local pub (17 pound that is). The little star is just to add an extra touch and make it more fun. My perfect everyday earrings!

Photographer: Maryam Samar

Star studs/ Hennisdotter

Gold hoops/ Argos