sequinsNow I must admit, I'm not the biggest sequins-fan, but after trying on Isabel Marant's SS16 leggings (in silver and black) I literally had to run to H&M to get a similar pair for a wallet friendlier price. So I added a little sparkle to my wardrobe. This last Sunday I had a summer party with my work with a "Studio 54" theme (love a theme party when you get to dress out) and what did I find in my closet that was perfect for this night if not my sequins leggings?

But that was also the first time a wore them since buying them a couple of months ago, and honestly I don't know when I'm gonna wear them again. I kind of like them but I don't love them, and that makes a big difference for me since I have other pieces I own that I really truly love. The pieces I don't love sadly gets forgotten until I end up selling them. I think this time maybe I got hit by the sequin fever, you know when in that moment it feels right and then you wake up and realize it wasn't? Or maybe this wasn't the perfect sequin legging for me after all? Who knows? At least they had one good night out...


leggings/H&M, heels/Zara