practicalprincessMy friend Sam who runs the blog lend me this book called Practical  princess by Elika Gibbs, just because she thought I would enjoy it (I did indeed).

The book is basically a step-to-step guide in how to organize your wardrobe and decide what to keep or not. I love books like ┬áthat, even if my wardrobe isn’t always the most organized I enjoy getting some ideas and inspiration in how to do it. A key thing to remember is to try to make all your clothes as visible as possible, if you can’t see them you will forget that they are there and that’s when you will start thinking “I got nothing to wear”. So while I’m reading this book I thought I would share with you a tip in how to start organizing according to Practical princess. First step is to remove everything from your wardrobe, try on the pieces and put them in six different piles:

  1. Keep (the pieces you keep obviously )
  2. Archive (pieces you don’t longer wear but want to keep)
  3. Maybe (pieces you have to look over once you finished with the rest)
  4. Edit (things that you don’t like anymore, wrong sizes or worn out. Be tough and honest to yourself! )
  5. Dry cleaning, laundry alterations
  6. Seasonal changeover (vinter coats to store away in summer etc.)

I will definitely try this method next time I’m doing a wardrobe clean out, how do you clean out yours?


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