Do you feel like you have a lot of clothes but nothing to wear? Are you struggling with what to wear every morning? Are you unsure what kind of shapes that actually fits your body type? 

As a Scandinavian as myself, I believe in good basics ( often with an extra twist to not become boring). With basics and accessories, you can come a long way!

My goal is to help you create a wardrobe for your everyday lifestyle, my focus and believe is to have a wardrobe with good quality pieces that will last you for more than one season. No budget is too high or low for that.




£ 50/ Hour ( this normally takes 3 hours )

In this service, we go through your entire wardrobe, from the very last pieces. I help you decide what to keep and not, and how to put your existing clothes together into looks. I will also advise you on what kind of key items I believe are missing in your wardrobe. If you want me to put together an mail with links to the item this can be done by getting the Online Shopping service.






£ 50/ Hour ( this normally takes 3 hours ) 


In this service, I will take you shopping ( please remember there is no pressure at all to buy items ). After receiving answers to several questions you will get before your session I will plan where to go accordingly to your budget and your needs. I help you pick looks and we try them together for you to step out your comfort zone and maybe try new shapes and styles that I believe suits you. You can shop the items there on the spot or see this session more as an education in what to shop in the future. It's totally up to you!



£ 50 for a shopping list with direct links


This service is an add on after the wardrobe detox or the Personal Shopping services. I will send you direct links to items I think you should get, with of course your budget in mind that we discussed before. 


Please email me if you have any questions at all or want to make a booking