mood22I am not a big fan of new years resolutions cause I believe in trying to change or do something for yourself anytime, no matter what time of year it is. But this year I acually have a few things that I want to change, and it just happend to be in time for the new year. The first one is to eat less chocolate (or at least stick to the dark ones over 70 % ) cause my addiction is getting a bit out of control.

The second one is reading more books, romans, fact-books and browse more often through the coffee tables books I have. Here is a few new books I wouldn’t mind get inspiration from a lazy day as today.

French Riviera: Living well was the best revenge, Xavier Girard

Martius: The book of palms, H Walter Lack

Gypset Style: Julia Chaplin


Our visit in Sweden has come to a end, but I am bringing some goodies back home. Good memories of course but also a new v-neck knit ( I have been searching for a classic white one for a while now) and one of my favorite model in boots Alma (yes I have them in black aswell, but hey if you like something you should get it in multiple colors, no?). I love how the colors of the boots blends together with the nature in the picture, and the really really long sleeves of the knit.

knit and boots/acne studios, jeans/zara

blood11bloo22A while back I saw the exhibition at Victoria and Albert museum in London about Alexander McQueens life and creations (witch was the best exhibition I ever seen) and ever since I wanted to read the biography about him since he was a really interesting and talented person. Well to be honest I quite forgotten that I wanted the book until my boyfriend, who obliviously didn’t forget, gave it to me as a christmas gift . Such a nice gift (THANK YOU!). I cant wait to start reading it, and I will let you know if its thumb up or thumb down.

Alexander McQueen: Blood beneath the skin by Andrew Wilson



Tomorrow I will jump on the plane and head home to Sweden for christmas, and I cant wait.

To get in to the right christmas spirit I decided it was time to add some glitter and sparks to my outfits (Inspired by my friend Kyle, whom I never seen without a pair of sparking socks). So I got these ones today from Topshop  and I feel that I am more then ready for christmas. It’s all in the detail!

Merry Christmas!



Socks/Topshop Brogues/New look Boots/Acne Studios