Moving and new shopping rules

Moving house is both exciting and exhausting (the answer is coffee).  Even if I don’t consider myself a hoarder I still need to be a person who lives with less. So my rule to myself now is before buying anything asking myself the very simple question: Will you love it in 6 months time? Now I already am […]

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J’adore Dior

So this is the cream I didn’t think I ever needed, Dior’s nail cream. I put the cream on my nails and cuticles before going to bed and when I wake up I have the softest cuticles and my nails feels so even and smooth. Just as smooth as the silk fabric on the photo. No joke. Get it HERE xx

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The creative process

I would definitely say that I’m in some kind of creative flow at the moment, and it’s indeed a very good place to be. The more creative I get the more ideas I get for my jewelry brand, clothes I want to create, pictures I want to take and now also things I want to paint. If […]

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