So I’m back home in London after one amazing week in Turkey. This was by far one of my best visit there, and I really think it was mainly cause I felt relaxed. I often go on holiday thinking it will calm me down not realizing that you have to be open and ready for the … Continue Reading

Ok, so there are few things and bringing to both my holiday in Turkey and South of France. THE STRAW HAT It’s stylish and it protects both you and your hair from the sun, a must in warmer climates. GOLD JEWELRY’S I’m a gold jewelry kinda girl, and in the summer I want them bigger … Continue Reading

Happiness is when you find the perfect white shirt, with a twist, on sale ( Ok it’s obviously not true happiness, let me rephrase: It makes me happy. ) This is what happened this last summer sale, and I already know that this shirt and I are gonna be friends for a long long time. Everybody … Continue Reading

A birthday is a good day to treat your self with something. I know the idea is that you get spoiled by family and friends, but let’s be honest who knows best what you want but yourself? I happened to spend my birthday in Paris when I was there a few weeks ago for work, and it … Continue Reading